Rick Perry’s ‘NiggerHead’ Story Not Over…More To Come In Sunday Washington Post

This is a portion of what will be published Sunday in the Washington Post regarding Rick Perry’s ‘NiggerHead’ problem.

WashPost Ombudsman Patrick B. Pexton, in tomorrow’s paper: “Behind the Rick Perry hunting camp story”: “If the seven sources The Post relied on for this article are truthful, then Perry is lying or is badly misinformed about when the rock was painted. … [Stephanie] McCrummen was originally assigned to write a profile of Paint Creek, Perry’s home town. She learned of the name of the camp and the rock only after spending considerable time there. In one long interview with a local, the hunting camp and its name came up. She then interviewed more people to corroborate … Of the seven who confirmed the rock and the time period, some were Perry fans and some were detractors …

“Post editors say they have the names and backgrounds of the sources, and they judge them to be credible. … Post National Editor Kevin Merida, … ‘We submitted detailed written questions to the Perry campaign and included in our story all of the points Governor Perry wished to make.’ … Since the article ran, no one from the Perry camp has contacted The Post to request a correction or dispute specific points made in the article. Politico also asked the Perry camp to detail its objections to The Post article. Perry officials said no. It makes you wonder.”

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