Roger Williams Started Making Music Over Radio From A Department Store

The obituary for Roger Williams in newspapers around the nation made note of the fact how this famed pianist got his start.

Given that Williams was aged 87 at the time of his death, and came into his own at the time radio played an integral part in American society, makes the following paragraph from his obituary easy to understand.  

I have noted often on this blog how entertainers of a certain age had a radio show from this or that location, and started a career with a similar type of radio broadcast.  Porter Wagoner, for instance, broadcast from a  meat shop in West Plains, Missouri.

So when I read today about Roger Williams playing from a department store I had to clip and post on CP.

This is a part of the past that is long gone, and I find that as sad as the passing of these people who were so much a part of our world.

As a teenager, he was given his own 15-minute radio show on KRNT-AM, which was broadcast live from a Des Moines, Iowa, department store. Later he hosted a program on WHO-AM, where he first met the station’s young sports announcer, Ronald “Dutch” Reagan. The two men started a friendship which lasted over 60 years.

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