Madison Area Technical College Will Ban Guns, Signs To Be Posted

There should be no surprise over the decision that was made known Tuesday regarding how Madison Area Technical College will deal with the concealed carry law.  The GOP-led legislature foolishly allowed this needless, and harmful measure to get to Governor Walker’s desk this year. 

The Governor signed it.

But not everyone is swallowing it.

In three weeks this law will go into effect.  But to prevent a senseless tragedy Madison Area Technical College is taking steps to keep its facilities free of firearms.  They are following in the same footsteps as the University of Wisconsin System outlined to maintain safety on their campuses.

Soon on buildings around the MATC campus signs will be posted to make sure that those who are packing heat will know they need to keep on walking–right off campus.  That is due to the correct policy by MATC that will restrict weapons of any kind from coming into the college facilities.

MATC along with the UW system are both following the letter of the law that allows for signs to be posted to secure buildings from guns. Higher education campuses are places for loftier ideals where people should not have to look around and wonder who is carrying a gun.  

Thanks to MATC for taking the only logical path available to them over this matter.

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