What Happened To Michele Bachmann?

Granted, I am very happy to read every line of news accounts or analysis pieces that report about the political collapse of one of the most wretched and ill-informed people running for the Republican nomination.

While I find Newt Gingrich irksome, Mitt Romney smarmy, and Herman Cain starry-eyed I just find Michele Bachmann confused and uneducated.  Her desire to be more than she is ever capable of becoming may seem like the American Dream to some, but in reality it is more a national embarrassment.

While there are strong vocal women I admire on both sides of the political aisle, be they Hillary Clinton or  Kay Bailey Hutchison, there is no way to swallow the shallowness of Michele Bachmann.  What makes Bachmann think there is a void in our culture, politics, or society where an empty vessel such as herself should find success?  The very idea that she is in any way prepared to be President of the United States is truly bizarre.  

Yet her brazenness was on full display this summer as she reached the pinnacle of her campaign.  Bachmann was able to purchase the Ames straw poll, but after that there was no more interest in the over-hyped Republican with a husband who resembles a man merely seeking a little fun on Christopher StreetIn getting a two-day story from the straw poll win Bachmann spent a large amount of money, and frustrated some in her staff about the larger strategy of securing the nomination.  

In the end Bachmann proved she did not know how to conduct a presidential campaign, and left many to ponder what her limited organizational abilities would look like in the Oval Office.

I generally applaud those who seek public office, regardless of political party, as it is important to the process to have diverse faces and spirited debates.  But above all else I want qualified, and intelligent people throwing their hat into the arena. 

Instead of using her time wisely before announcing a White House bid Bachmann thought she could proceed on the path Sarah Palin had walked.  Trying to dress in such a way, polish her nails, and flub repeated attempts at talking coherently about American history is not the path to the nomination.

Public policy is serious business and if a candidate is not prepared to immerse themself in the briefing books they should never enter a race.

In the end too many have looked at Michele Bachmann and found nothing serious looking back at them.  In this time of vexing concerns at home and abroad there is no time for the GOP to nominate an empty vessel.

May Michele Bachmann soon find the time to announce her decision to exit the race.

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