NBC/WSJ Polls Shows Public Support For President Obama’s Job Bill

There is yet one more disconnect between Congress and the people.

The Senate vote on Tuesday that torpedoed the latest attempt to create some stimulus into the economy and spur job growth was seen as a victory by Republicans and several conservative Democrats.  Too expensive they cried.  No more stimulus spending.

Within the halls of Congress members must not hear what is being said around the nation when it comes to the plan submitted by President Obama.   More and more people are rejecting the great disparity among the rich and everyone else in this nation, and are demanding Congress not continue to coddle through outdated policy the whims of the rich.

When asked simply if Congress should pass the legislation or not, 30 percent of respondents answer yes, while 22 percent say no; 44 percent have no opinion.

But when the legislation’s details are included in a follow-up question — that it would cut payroll taxes, fund new road construction, extend unemployment benefits, and that it would be paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthy — 63 percent say they favor the bill and 32 percent oppose it.

What’s more, 64 percent of respondents agree with the statement that it is a “good idea” to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, because they should pay their fair share and can afford to pay more to help fund programs and government operations.

By comparison, 31 percent agree with the statement that raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations is a “bad idea,” because higher taxes take away money that would otherwise be invested to help grow the economy.

3 thoughts on “NBC/WSJ Polls Shows Public Support For President Obama’s Job Bill

  1. Marion

    I have yet to see any proof that the trickle down theory works and that the rich, who don’t pay their fair share have employed any more people than before. In fact they have laid off people so they can pay their share holders more money and pay theiy executives 28 % pay raises this past year. CEO’s of these companies are being rewarded in the millions for saving the company money. More jobe are being removed and the workers that got to stay now have to do the others work also. Don’t tax the rich man so say the Republicans, as they are part of this rich [new rich].
    Washinton needs to cut their saleries, take away top-notch health ins. and maybe only pay their ins. like most businesses and they, the congressman, pay for family out of their pockets. they have too many bennies and have no idea how the poor man on a fixed income manages. they don’t work a full year anyway for their salaries and when election time comes they work even less. and this just say NO to helping the country with jobs is so worng on so many levels.
    VOTE THE BUMS OUT! nice slogan but look how well that worked in your state of Wis. when you had the recall election. once again I say: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

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