Rick Perry Showed Up At BYO Party Empty-Handed

How can someone come so far in politics as Rick Perry has and not have a better idea of how to debate? 

By Perry’s own admission he is not good at sparring with others and competing intellectually over ideas.   Being from Texas and never feeling the ‘need’ to debate very much through his career is now making him the talk of the nation.

And not for the good.

Instead of having Perry as the source for powerful sound bites the morning after Republican debates he is instead the topic of derision over his inability to stand up before his opponents and effectively challenge them on points of policy. 

Rick Perry may want to be elected but how could he ever get past the national debates with President Obama next fall?  The United States is not like Texas where debates can be shuffled off as not important. 

Rick Perry is in a real bind.

In New Hampshire last night the debate was to have been about the economy, but Perry showed up without a plan to toss out for discussion.  He came to a BYO gathering empty-handed.

The handlers and money men who are supporting Perry must be feeling some tension in their colon these days.  There is no way to win the White House if a candidate can not compete one-on-one on a debate stage.

2 thoughts on “Rick Perry Showed Up At BYO Party Empty-Handed

  1. Hi. For what it’s worth–conservative that I am–I agree with you about Rick Perry. Since he appeared on the national scene, I have viewed him as a loose canon and not up to the challenge of leading the entire country, despite his successes in Texas. Earl took a little longer to see the futility (and danger) in a Perry candidacy but, he’s in agreement with me. Compared to Earl, I’m practically a liberal. Perhaps that is an indication of where “sane” conservatives are at regarding a Rick Perry candidacy.

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