The Tea Party Has Lost Mojo

This is one very powerful read.

I have long contended that the mature and more rational minds of the Republican Party needed to fight for their future.  Though there is no doubt that some in the GOP helped to create the Tea Party, and helped to use it as a wedge element in politics in the recent past, it is also very clear that the GOP has no real long-term prospects if the insane ones drive the car off the cliff. 

So given the number of crazy candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination I am rather delighted to see serious Republicans around the nation understanding they need to circle the wagons around a rational candidate.  It should be noted that person they have most faith in winning the nomination is not a teabagger in any sense of the word.  

While Mitt Romney might be wrong on many issues, he is not the a member of the three-thumb crowd.  He is sober-minded and I think reflective on a host of issues.  That is a far cry from many who admit to being a member of the Tea Party.

Recall the lunacy when teabaggers were caught on film expressing their grave concerns about the Russian influence of having a ‘car czar’ in the Obama Administration?   Mitt Romney is not of that crowd.

Mitt Romney is far more centrist and moderate than any of his competitors, and by gaining steam that will lead him to the nomination will serve notice to the Tea Party that they might influence congressional races but have far less impact nationally.

As it must be. 

Anti-Romney sentiment is clearly connected to the idea that if Romney wins, the Reagan Revolution somehow loses. A Romney presidency could actually restore the average American’s faith in the competency of Washington—a notion that GOP base voters find intolerable.

Conservatives and Tea Partiers were supposed to put an end to people like Romney. They had convinced themselves that the era of the Bush 41-style Republican was over and done with, and that the GOP would now and forever be controlled by the purebred conservatives, the ideological offspring of Reagan and Goldwater, the true believers who would finally cut Washington down to size and starve the statist beast until you could see its ribcage.

If Romney becomes the GOP nominee, it will prove that the Tea Party project was an abject failure, and that the momentum of 2010 was only temporary.

Romney doesn’t represent “taking the country back.” To the contrary, he represents taking the country forward, and recognizing government’s appropriate role in doing so.

Though he argues that Obama’s handling of the government has been problematic, he does not believe that government is the problem.

Remember when Romney withdrew from the presidential race in February 2008? He noted at the time, “I hate to lose!” The same goes for the GOP base—and in Romney, they see ideological defeat. The more rational members of the GOP base know that Romney stands the best chance of defeating Obama, but they also know that a Romney presidency will not roll back the size and scope of government.

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