Federal Court Blocks Enforcement For Parts Of Alabama Immigration Law

This is great news for those concerned with the draconian and harsh immigration law in Alabama that has drawn national outrage.  I am always amused how those who advocate harsh laws against immigrants, and also claim to have such a solid understanding of the U.S. Constitution in reality have no appreciation for the way immigration policy is to be enforced.

Immigration is a federal matter.

Alabama has just been alerted to that fact.

A federal appeals court has blocked enforcement of parts of a controversial
immigration enforcement law in Alabama. 

The injunction issued Friday from the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in
Atlanta came after the U.S. Justice Department — supported by a coalition of
immigrant rights groups — requested the legislation, known as HB 56, be put on
hold until the larger constitutional questions can be addressed, a process that
could take some months at least. 

The Obama administration says the Constitution does not permit states to
deter illegal immigration, saying an issue with foreign policy implications is
the exclusive mandate of the federal government. 

Alabama’s law, passed by the legislature this summer, would allow state and
local officials to check the immigration status of public school students; to
detain suspected illegal aliens without bond; and make it a crime for immigrants
who lack proper documents to conduct busine ss with the state for things like
driver’s licenses.

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