WGN’s Steve And Johnnie’s Year-A-Round Holiday Tree

For many years I have heard about the year-a-round tree that my two favorite radio personalities have up in their Chicago home.    Steve and Johnnie, the married stars of late-night WGN radio have long talked about the tree that never comes down but just keeps getting revamped throughout the year to reflect the season.

A couple of months ago James started talking about expanding the festive feeling in our home come the Holiday Season.  Since our family was impacted last year with two medical emergencies at Christmas time there is a real need this year to reclaim the joy that is at the heart of the holidays.

James very much understands my strong desire to reverse the sadness and stress of this past year and flip into a new chapter of the book.   He has been beside me for every long mile walked this year and needs the change as much as I do.  So we have decided not to wait until the start of the New Year but will begin the day after Thanksgiving when we open boxes to decorate our home.

The catch this year, James has told me, will be in the number of Christmas trees we will decorate.  To truly embrace the over-stuffed  Christmas Victorian house feel of an era gone-by there will be two trees totally decked out here this year.  (Is this the way it started at the Governor’s Mansion?)  One of our trees will be in the living room, and the other in the piano room.

I think it a grand idea.

When it is done I will send pictures to Steve and Johnnie.

They will understand.

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