Madison Fighting Back On Concealed Carry, Fines To Be Passed By City Council

Madison, Wisconsin has plans underway to deal with the concealed carry law that was passed by the State Legislature earlier this year.  With city buildings, buses, and parks all to be posted with signs stating concealed guns are not allowed, the city is now helping residents who wish to be gun-free.

People caught carrying guns in Madison where a property owner has banned them  would be fined $500 plus court costs for a first offense and $750 for a second  offense under a set of proposed new ordinances to be considered by the City  Council next Tuesday.

The ordinances were unanimously green-lighted by the city’s public safety  committee at a Thursday meeting and come just before the state’s concealed carry  law takes effect on Nov. 1.

“This is allowing the city to do as much as it legally can,” said Ald. Paul  Skidmore, 9th District, a sponsor of the ordinances and a member of the public  safety committee.

One of the ordinances mirrors the new state law in saying that property  owners, both public and private, and operators of special events like Rhythm & Booms may post signs at entrances prohibiting guns inside buildings or on  the grounds of an event.

The city also is preparing to plaster public entrances to city buildings with  signs announcing they’re gun-free zones. The cost for producing the signs is  estimated at $5,000, assistant city attorney Marci Paulsen said. The city also  will make the signs available to citizens although it’s not clear how much, if anything, they’ll charge residents.

Under the new law, people who own a residence or business may opt out of the  concealed carry law but must post the no-guns signs at entrances, Skidmore said.  Simple “no trespassing” signs won’t cut it. Owners of apartments or condominiums  also would need to put gun-free signs in common areas, Paulsen said, and renters  may put up similar signs at their individual residences.

2 thoughts on “Madison Fighting Back On Concealed Carry, Fines To Be Passed By City Council

  1. I see this as local control. The state law allows for the signs to be posted, and the local fines are part of the decision making process that each city or town can make for themselves. If small govenment is the aim, than it also must mean local government is allowed to take the actions that citizens closest to local units of government think best.

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