Former WGN Radio Mis-Manager Randy Michaels DUI Charge In Ohio Latest Example Of Bad Decisions

Remember Randy Michaels, the man who woke up every morning wondering how he could undermine WGN radio from his perch in Tribune Towers?  Recall “Kathy and Judy’?  How about Steve Cochran?

Well, Randy Michaels is back in the news.

A veteran media executive and former Tribune Co. CEO has been charged with
drunken driving in southwest Ohio.

Middletown police say Randy Michaels was arrested early Friday after an officer spotted his vehicle in a muddy construction area near Interstate 75. A police report says he smelled of alcohol and failed sobriety tests.

Police charged him under his given name, Benjamin Homel, with driving under the influence and driving into a closed street. A court appearance is set for Oct. 21.

The 59-year-old Michaels resigned last year as Tribune CEO after complaints about raunchy behavior under his watch. He helped launch Merlin Media, a multimedia company, in June.

Cincinnati attorney Steve Adams says he entered a not guilty plea on Michaels’ behalf but needs to talk with his client before commenting further.

One thought on “Former WGN Radio Mis-Manager Randy Michaels DUI Charge In Ohio Latest Example Of Bad Decisions

  1. He was probably drinking because of the subliminal ratings at the All-News station he created with Merlin Media. The station is not even in the top 50 right now.

    Robert Feder at Time Out Chicago is going to a field day or week with this.

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