Wayne Newton To Be In Audience For Tonight’s GOP Debate

UPDATE!!!!  Wayne Newton Endorses Bat-Crap Crazy Michele Bachmann!!

Just another nugget of news from CP.

Mr. Las Vegas himself might be putting down the mic for a night to catch CNN’s Republican presidential debate in person.

ITK hears that Wayne Newton, along with his wife, Kathleen, is slated to attend Tuesday’s face-off between seven GOP contenders at The Venetian. 

But it sounds like the “Danke Schoen” singer might not be ready to place any bets on any of the White House hopefuls. When asked in a TV interview earlier this month if he would like to see anyone jump into the presidential race, Newton said, “I would fire them all and start over.”

Newton, who calls himself a Republican and donated to then-President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004, endorsed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) over Republican Sharron Angle last year.

2 thoughts on “Wayne Newton To Be In Audience For Tonight’s GOP Debate

  1. Would you believe that I stood in line for Newton tickets around 1990 when he played Madison? The elderly ladies around me thought me a hoot. Bought tickets for third row, awesome show. One heck of an entertainer. A real showman.

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