David Letterman Update On Michele Bachmann Campaign

WARNING…Swallow food in mouth before watching.

Randy Hopper Chats It Up With Police During DUI Arrest

Former Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper needs a dog  as a friend as I am sure the police are not interested in hearing his woes.

More details have emerged of the arrest this past weekend of former Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper on a drunk-driving charge. Hopper, a Republican, was defeated this past August in recall elections stemming from Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee union legislation.

Hopper was pulled over into a grocery store parking lot, after witnesses reported seeing him almost cause a head-on collision. The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that officers administered a field sobriety test — in which Hopper could not keep his balance, and did not correctly recite the order of the alphabet, and then declined to take a breath test.

During the ride in the squad car on the way to the county jail, Hopper tried to start a conversation with the arresting officer, Deputy Nicholas Venne:

“Don’t ever run for office, by the way,” Hopper said. “Because if you did, someone like this guy (complainant) will call you in.”

Venne focused on driving while Hopper spoke.

When Hopper asked if he could know who reported him, Venne said the report will be available since it is public record.

“I am sure it will be public,” Hopper said while he rested his chin on his hand in the back seat of the squad car.

Hopper also asked Venne: “Will you put down there that you didn’t think that I (was) driving; you never saw me driving; you don’t know I was driving. I didn’t do anything illegal.”

Venne responded that he was working from witness statements that Hopper had been driving.

Hopper reportedly paused, staring in silence. He then said: “They told me I was the devil earlier, too. I am not that.”

Hopper declined to take an evidentiary breath test. However, jail staff members were able to get a preliminary breath test that registered a blood alcohol content of 0.13%, above the legal limit of 0.08%.

German Satellite Plunging To Earth This Weekend

Here we go again.

Up to 30 individual debris with a total mass of 1.7 tons could return to Earth at speeds of up to 450 kilometers per hour — likely burning from the friction of re-entry.

The idea of getting hit by a stray piece of burning space junk is terrifying. But, thanks to Earth’s large swaths of water and open land, it’s also exceptionally unlikely.

 Unfortunately, the satellite has no propulsion system that might enable a controlled landing, and the technologies for de-orbiting satellites and bringing them back to earth are still at the development stage. Since ROSAT ended its mission in 1999, communication with its aging equipment isn’t possible. But scientists are doing their best despite these limitations to track where and when the satellite will re-enter Earth.

Senator Herb Kohl Listed In Smart Money’s “The Power 30”

In the latest edition of Smart Money Senator Herb Kohl was listed in “The Power 30”.  If you were like me on Saturday morning and ran into Wisconsin’s Senator at the Dane County’s Farmers’ Market you would not have assumed this was anyone other than a meek man who was just looking for turnips. There was nothing seemingly powerful about him.  He did nothing to advertise himself, and other than an aide that stood far off to the side Kohl was just another person in a warm coat to ward off the wind.  The Senator was not easily recognizable.

I did converse with him near State Street and we chatted about former Representative Lary Swoboda and the upcoming recall election.  I urged his running for Governor if the events in Wisconsin moved in that direction.

Herb Kohl
U.S. Senator

Why does a soon-to-retire 76-year-old senator from Wisconsin rank among our
Power 30? As chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, the four-term
Democrat is considered by many a linchpin in any near-term plan to address the
solvency of Social Security and Medicare. Republican public-policy consultant
Scott Becher says the senator’s effective problem solving overshadows his
political affiliation and has earned him fans across the aisle.Oh, and then
there’s Kohl’s side job. No, not his ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks, the other
thing: As the man leading the antitrust hearings on Google, he’s one of the few
people around who can make CEO Larry Page sweat.

Video Of Wayne Newton and Michele Bachmann During Endorsement Statement

I just had to post this video.  In case you are wondering what was said–hold your stomach—and click here.

Art Teachers In Wisconsin Have A New Project

Hat Tip to Dan.

Do you know an art teacher willing to submit an ornament idea based on the
Grinch (Walker)?   How better to symbolize WI this year than with the Grinch?

Governor Walker’s office is looking for teams of artists and Wisconsin youth to help decorate ornaments to be displayed on the state’s national Christmas tree in Washington D.C.

Applications for this year’s National Christmas Tree Ornament Program will be accepted until noon on Tuesday, October 25.

Wayne Newton Endorses Bat-Crap Crazy Michele Bachmann

There are no words……well there are….but this is a family friendly blog.

Following Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas, Rep. Michele Bachmann picked up an endorsement from perhaps the Strip’s biggest star – Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton.

During a post-debate interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren, Newton, who kept his arm around Bachmann’s shoulder for the entire spot, twice called the Minnesota congresswoman  a “beautiful lady” and endorsed her candidacy.

“It looks like you’re on a date,” Van Susteren said of the pair.

“I am an entertainer but first of all, I’m an American and second of all, I’m a Nevadan, and third of all, I will support this beautiful lady as long as she wants to go,” Newton said.

“I watched the entire debate, and I don’t have to tell you how proud I was of this lady because not only did she hold her own, but she kind of stood alone, and I’m not talking about being female,” said Newton, who was in the hall where the debate took place. “I’m talking about the wonderful things and views that she has for America.”

Clearly the skin got pulled too tight on Newton’s last nip and tuck and it has clouded his thinking.

“The Mormons Even Baptized Anne Frank”

The Republican debate last night was just as ‘edifying’ an event as the previous ones have been.  I noted that while NOVA was thinking about life on other planets on PBS there must have been many a Republican across America looking for a winner among what I think is the most lackluster grouping of candidates in many a cycle seeking a party nomination.  (Michele Bachmann is a lunatic.)

Near the end of the debate the topic of religion came up, and swirled around for a few minutes.  The only reason it surfaced was that Mitt Romney has to sell himself to a very conservative base of the party as a Mormon.  It has caused some tension over the months, and more is sure to follow.

There were some lofty words spoken by Newt Gingrich that actually made sense about politics and religion, but again Rick Perry could only go so far in backing away from politically intemperate words from a supporter who took great difference with Romney’s religion.  Perry wants this wedge issue to continue as Iowa and South Carolina approaches, and the evangelicals come out to cast votes for delegates.

I have stated repeatedly that this matter over Romney’s religion is fascinating to watch unfold from a political perspective, and one that might have longer arms to tangle Mitt than he fully appreciates.  That is not to say anything about Mormons or their religion, but just is a political fact that is playing out in the hunt for the GOP nomination.

But after the debate last night it is Maureen Dowd who makes the loudest statement about the GOP, the Mormon faith, and politics this morning.

The Mormons even baptized Anne Frank.

It took Ernest Michel, then chairman of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, three years to get Mormons to agree to stop proxy-baptizing Holocaust victims.       

Mormons desisted in 1995 after Michel, as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported, “discovered that his own mother, father, grandmother and best childhood friend, all from Mannheim, Germany, had been posthumously baptized.”       

Michel told the news agency that “I was hurt that my parents, who were killed as Jews in Auschwitz, were being listed as members of the Mormon faith.”       

Richard Bushman, a Mormon who is a professor emeritus of history at Columbia University, said that after “the Jewish dust-up,” Mormons “backed away” from “going to extravagant lengths to collect the names of every last person who ever lived and baptize them — even George Washington.” Now they will do it for Mormons who bring a relative or ancestor’s name into the temple, he said.       

Bushman said that “Mormons believe that Christ is the divine son of God who atoned for our sins, but we don’t believe in the Trinity in the sense that there are three in one. We believe the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are three distinct persons.”       

Kent Jackson, the associate dean of religion at Brigham Young University, says that while Mormons are Christians, “Mormonism is not part of the Christian family tree.”       

It probably won’t comfort skeptical evangelicals and Catholics to know that Mormons think that while other Christians merely “have a portion of the truth, what God revealed to Joseph Smith is the fullness of the truth,” as Jackson says. “We have no qualms about saying evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants can go to heaven, including Pastor Jeffress. We just believe that the highest blessings of heaven come” to Mormons.       

As for those planets that devout Mormon couples might get after death, Jackson says that’s a canard. But Bushman says it’s part of “Mormon lore,” and that it’s based on the belief that if humans can become like God, and God has the whole universe, then maybe Mormons will get to run a bit of that universe.       

As for the special garment that Mitt wears, “we wouldn’t say ‘magic underwear,’ ” Bushman explains.       

It is meant to denote “moral protection,” a sign that they are “a consecrated people like the priests of ancient Israel.”       

And it’s not only a one-piece any more. “There’s a two-piece now,” he said.       

Republicans are the ones who have made faith part of the presidential test. Now we’ll see if Mitt can pass it.