Picture Of Corpse Of Muammar el-Qaddafi As Burial Plans Put On Hold

Where and when to bury Muammar el-Qaddafi have not been solved as of this posting.

Libya’s Transitional National Council, the shaky interim government in Tripoli, had said initially that Colonel Qaddafi would be buried on Friday in accordance with Islamic law, which generally requires a burial within 24 hours, but that the location of the grave had not been determined, news agencies reported.       

But Ali Tarhouni, the minister who officially confirmed the death of Colonel Qaddafi to the council, said the burial would be delayed pending an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death and a decision about the burial site. Officials did not give specifics about the timing or possible location. Hours later, Mahmoud Jibril, the interim prime minister, said Colonel Qaddafi’s burial could take place in the next 48 hours but he was not more specific.       

Officials also said an autopsy had been conducted on Colonel Qaddafi but there was no sign of any surgical cutting on his body by medical examiners Friday as it lay on a table in a refrigerated Misurata meat locker, thrown open for public viewing in this port city, which was especially hateful toward Colonel Qaddafi because his military inflicted heavy casualties here during the struggle to oust him.

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