Rank And File Moving Behind Mitt Romney

When will the Tea Party smell–the coffee?

All the bluster and back-and-forth is not going to change the ultimate outcome for the Republican Party.  Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee.  The Obama White House is preparing for that scenario, and the Tea Party better as well.  There was never any way for the shouters and spitters to nominate a national candidate for the White House.  The only question is how long before they realize that fact.

“Former Gov. John H. Sununu on Monday will throw his considerable political
influence behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. ‘I’m viewed as a
good, solid conservative Republican and I’m supporting a good, solid
conservative Republican,’ Sununu said in disclosing his long-awaited
endorsement. In exclusive interview, Sununu said he narrowed his choice to
Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but was won over by what he views as Romney’s
conservative approach to pressing domestic and national security issues. …
Sununu, 72, will be named chairman of the Romney campaign’s national steering
committee and will on hand Monday morning when Romney files his candidacy in the
first-in-the-nation presidential primary at the New Hampshire State House and
then attends a campaign rally there.”

4 thoughts on “Rank And File Moving Behind Mitt Romney

  1. Jay

    Has-been RINO endorses RINO; this is news?

    “Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee;” I guess Obama gets another four years.

    There is no difference between Obama and Romney. Vote for either.

    Both Romney and Obama want to continue the wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere overseas, they each favored the bail-outs, both are pro-gun control, and neither is really serious about a meaningful reduction in taxes or the size of government.

    The only difference I see is that Obama has been relatively consistent in his abortion policies; I am not sure where Romney stands this evening on the issue of abortion

    Romney and the country club set who let him get this far are destroying this party.

  2. It does not matter what national polls show as the delegate process is a state-by-state selection. Only state polls matter at this point. While I can see Cain winning in a place like Iowa, there is no way that he wins in New Hampshire or South Carolina, or even Wisconsin. The process is a fun one to watch, for sure, as it plays out but try and recall how the other cycles have played out over time. There are some absolutes in politics, and they will always top out at the end of the process.

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