New Hampshire Voters Oppose Repealing Same-Sex Marriage Law As Conservatives Move To Strip Civil Rights

There is news from New Hampshire that some conservatives want to move the state backwards.    Denying civil rights is such an ugly thing to do, and that is why so many are stepping up and adding a voice to the cause.

A House panel votes Tuesday whether to recommend repealing New Hampshire’s gay marriage law and replacing it with civil unions for any unmarried adults including relatives.

The Judiciary Committee will consider a subcommittee recommendation that the House pass the bill repealing the law that took effect last year legalizing same-sex unions. It also would establish civil unions for any unmarried adults competent to enter into a contract.

This flies in the face of the prevailing mood among the voters of New Hampshsire.

A new poll shows strong support for allowing same-sex marriage to continue in  New Hampshire. 

Republicans in the state Legislature are scheduled to take up the issue  of same-sex marriage when they reconvene in January. Same-sex marriage was  passed in 2009, and a poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center  shows strong opposition to attempts to repeal the law. 

The WMUR Granite State poll shows that only 27 percent of New Hampshire  adults support repealing same-sex marriage, while 50 percent strongly oppose  repeal. The percentages are similar to a poll asking the same question in  February.

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