Richard Nixon Gets Beer Poured On His Head

On Facebook today comes a photo from the Richard Nixon page that I have never seen before.  The picture was taken in 1979.

As I was thinking about this photo it came to mind that it might make State Representative Robin Vos nervous.

I am sure the former President, though he may have felt like one of the boys at the moment, had something less than printable to say when he was recalling this story to others.

I did a search for the photo on Google and found a brief write-up about the event that is posted below.

“California player Bobby Grich pours beer on the former president Tuesday after the Angels won their first ever division title” AP.

Ever wonder why politicians never show up in person at sports celebrations?

They don’t want a picture like this to hit the wires — like this one from the
Associated Press — so they phone it in. I would have included the caption with
the photographer’s name but a copy editor tore it off to write the newspaper
caption while the composing room made a halftone from the image.

Richard M. Nixon, the only president to resign in disgrace, was an avid sports fan.

When the Angels ended their long championship drought Nixon came to the clubhouse to join the celebration.

It is not as odd as it first appears.

He grew up about ten miles north east of the Anaheim stadium of the Angels.
(Now called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga.) In 1979, ex-President Nixon then lived a few miles to the southwest at San Clemente.

Both Nixon and the Angels spent a long time in the wilderness during the 1960s whenthe politician had failed runs at the presidency and senate seat and the
baseball team was bad.

Both had been ridiculed for failure. Nixon always saw himself as an underdog so
it would be unlikely he would pick the region’s dominant team, the Dodgers, to

One thought on “Richard Nixon Gets Beer Poured On His Head

  1. The_Doctor

    Just look at Nixon in the photograph. He was actually cutting loose and enjoying the moment. It’s good to see him just having fun once in a while.

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