Governor Walker Tightens Screw On State Workers

It surely comes as no surprise, yet the effect is no less hurtful for state employees.

After a year of being labeled as union thugs, lazy, and parasites on the backs of taxpayers state workers are going to take another blow.

Governor Scott Walker’s administration has made known that Wisconsin state workers will see no pay raises for the next two years.

Had the collective bargaining law not been gutted the Walker Administration would have been forced to deal honestly with state workers over pay and benefits.

Instead all that is needed is for a Republican controlled legislative committee to approve  the final insult for state workers this year.

As the time nears for the first signatures to be gathered for the recall of Governor Walker many will look back on this year and reflect its meaning.

Some will think of how crafty they were to undo collective bargaining in the state while ushering in a most contentious time for state politics.

Others will know that time is on their side and take each step in a methodical way to stop the continued erosion of worker rights and Wisconsin sensibilities.

10 thoughts on “Governor Walker Tightens Screw On State Workers

  1. Craig

    The time for Unions has long past gone…all the labor laws are in place, OSHA is in place, And so I see zero need for a Union that simply collects Union dews and funnels these back to the DNC. Ponzzi? You bet.


  2. janeofdane

    State workers haven’t had any pay increases, even cost of living increases, in many years. Even when they pass a budget giving us a 1-2% increase in a future year, they take it away again later. Nothing new here.

  3. Solly

    I find it hilarious that DOA (guess what the A stands for) Sec. Huebsch is asking JOCER to wait at least 10 days to “gather input” on the plan. Yeah, you can pass a bill to gut $600 million from state employe paychecks, announce it on Friday aft, introduce on Monday, (first chance for anyone to read it), schedule a couple hours of hearings on Tuesday (gee all those damn citizens wanting to testify really screwed up your plans, eh Darling and Vos?!), schedule the assembly to vote on Wed. and Senate to vote on Thursday. What about gathering input then? If the Dems hadn’t left the state, this would have been rammed through in 4 days. So much for that quaint idea of open government. Lock the doors, take a quick vote, shout over people making points of order, don’t give legal notice, and ram it through. But, (imagine pious wringing of hands) “We must have proper input on the compensation plan.” Hypocrite. If every citizen of the state marched into the capitol in alphabetical order opposed they still wouldn’t change it. And I bet most state employes would give up a nickel an hour if they never heard Huebsch or Wanker (sp?) say how much they value them and their hard work again. They have no shame. Oh, and I had to correct some idget on the Milw JS comments on the article on this subject, who repeated the old canard that Wanker only asked state employes to pay 5% of their pension, and private sector employes pay 50% into theirs. State employes pay 5.8% which is 50% of their pension contributions. And they gave up 5.8% in raises over the past decades which save the state and employes FICA taxes on that. No chance of getting that back.

  4. “The time for Unions has long past gone…all the labor laws are in place, OSHA is in place”

    Saying that we don’t need unions anymore ’cause OSHA will always protect ya is like saying we don’t need concealed carry ’cause the police will always protect you. On paper, both sound good but reality is quite a bit different….

    That aside, even tho the State Workers will get no raises for two years the same bill give Walker and a bunch of his cabinet members very healthy raises. Anyone care to justify that?

  5. windy33

    you see how fast they are busting unions. when they are gone see how fast they bust all the laws on the books that the unions got for you and your sorry as# has no protections left and you will drop to slave labor. don’t say it will never happen. never say never. they will do it

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