Pope Benedict XVI More Liberal Than Nancy Pelosi, Sees Role For Government In Redistribution Of Wealth

Many years back I was much supportive of the writings from Pope John Paul II regarding the concept of work, and the rights of workers.  There are themes within the Catholic Church that do deserve broad support.  Another of those moments has taken place with Pope Benedict’s comments on the world economic condition.

Now if only we could get all those who are Catholic to understand the issue in the way the Pope does.  Where is the church on the infallibility issue, anyway?

The Vatican released a document on the world economy on Monday that will
cause heartburn in the Tea Party, but will be cheered by the folks occupying
Wall Street.

This will surprise most Americans who think the pope is a Republican because
he opposes abortion and gay marriage. But when it comes to economic justice,
Pope Benedict XVI is to the left of President Obama. Heck, he is even to the
left of Nancy Pelosi.

Those who read the pope’s 2009 encyclical “Caritas in Veritate (Charity in
Truth)” will not be surprised by this new document. In that encyclical, the pope
decried “corruption and illegality” among economic and political elites in both
rich and poor countries. He told financiers they must rediscover the ethical
foundation of their activity and stop abusing savers. He wants a radical
rethinking of economics so that it is guided not simply by profits but by “an
ethics which is people-centered.”

Benedict notes that economic “inequalities are on the increase” across the
globe. He does not accept the trickle-down theory, which says that all boats
will rise with the economic tide. Benedict condemns the “scandal of glaring
inequalities” and sees a role for government in the redistribution of

Yes, you heard that right. The pope favors the redistribution of wealth. When
was the last time you heard a liberal Democrat use those words?

The pope also disagrees with those who believe that the economy should be free
of government regulation. An unregulated economy “shielded from ‘influences’ of
a moral character has led man to abuse the economic process in a thoroughly
destructive way,” he writes. This has “led to economic, social and political
systems that trample upon personal and social freedom, and are therefore unable
to deliver the justice that they promise.”

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