Sherry Schultz Pleads Guilty To Misconduct In Office

News to squeak out.

Before we get to the news today I want to remind readers about my thoughts on Sherry Schultz.  In September I wrote the following.

In a nutshell Schultz  was on the public payroll to work full-time raising money for GOP candidates.  She was paid with taxpayer money to serve a purely partisan purpose.  By all accounts she did a cracker-jack job, and if she had been employed outside the statehouse no one would be chastising her, but wanting her skills for this or that campaign.

But Schultz knew, as did those who employed her, that what she was doing on state time was illegal.  That it was done covertly and not done in eyesight of journalists makes the point.

Some will argue that the lowest person always is the one to get tagged while the real power players walk away.  I think it can be argued that all those who made truly bad decisions regarding the political caucus scandal under the dome paid a price.

The voters place responsibility, and entrust their faith to those who work at the statehouse.   Be they elected officials or staff  it is a bond that then requires those who receive a state paycheck to act with honor. 

When that trust is broken, as with Schultz, not only is the law violated, but the trust of the voter is shattered. When that faith from the voters is replaced with doubt and cynicism our political institutions suffer.

Today Schultz pleaded guilty.  I only wish she had done so about nine years ago as the people of Wisconsin deserved better from one they were paying taxes for so she could have a salary.

A legislative aide accused of raising campaign funds for Republican candidates
while on the state payroll has pleaded guilty in a Capitol corruption case that
began nine years ago.

Sherry Schultz, 59, was placed in a deferred prosecution program this
week in Dane County and became the last defendant to settle a case linked to the
scandal that rocked Wisconsin politics. Five top lawmakers were charged in the
case, including Schultz’s boss, former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen.

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