Bob Schieffer Tackles Herman Cain Over Smoking Ad “It Sends The Signal That It’s Cool To Smoke”

It was an admirable performance by Bob Schieffer  this morning on “Face The Nation” when the CBS host took off after Herman Cain for one of the most unsettling ads that has been foisted on the American public this election cycle.  Someone needed to confront Herman Cain and tell him that smoking is a dreadful health hazard, costs untold millions of dollars in health care each year, and claims far too many lives due to a whole host of diseases.

I am shocked Cain is not aware of this already.  But from Cain’s campaign ad that was released last week it is clear the candidate needs more information.

Bob Schieffer delivered the news to him this morning.

CBS host Bob Schieffer on Sunday made no secret of his distaste for the Herman Cain web ad that has gone viral, upbraiding the Republican presidential candidate on “Face the Nation” for celebrating smoking.

Cain refused to take the ad down when Schieffer pressed him, but under pressure from the moderator the former pizza baron encouraged those watching not to smoke.

Schieffer started off the testy exchange by demanding to know the point of the ad.

“One of the things within this campaign is, let Herman be Herman,” Cain said. “Mark Block is a smoker, and we say, let Mark be Mark. He doesn’t deny that he’s a smoker.”

Schieffer asked if Cain smokes.

“No, I’m not a smoker,” he said. But I don’t have a problem if that his choice…This wasn’t intended to send any subliminal signal whatsoever.”

But it does,” Schieffer told him. “It sends the signal that it’s cool to smoke.”

“No, it does not,” Cain shot back. “Mark Block smokes. That’s all that ad says. We weren’t trying to say it’s cool to smoke.”

Cain said he admires Block, who is his campaign chief of staff, for not smoking around him or anyone else in the office. He said he always goes outside to smoke.

“He smokes on television,” Schieffer said, refusing to let up. “Was it meant to be funny?”

“It was meant to be informative,” Cain said.

“Let me just tell you, it’s not funny to me,” Schieffer said, noting that he is a cancer survivor. “I don’t think it serves the country well, and this is an editorial opinion here, to be showing someone smoking a cigarette. You’re the frontrunner now, and it seems to me as frontrunner you would have a responsibility not to take that kind of a tone in this campaign. I would suggest that perhaps as the frontrunner you’d want to raise the level in the campaign.”

“We will do that, Bob, and I do respect your objection to the ad,” Cain said. “Probably about 30 percent of the feedback was very similar to yours. It was not intended to offend anyone. Being a cancer survivor myself, I am sensitive to that sort of thing.”

Schieffer asked Cain if he’s thought about taking the ad down: “Why don’t you take it off the Internet?”

“Once you put it on the Internet, it goes viral,” Cain said. “It’s nearly impossible to erase that ad from the Internet.”

Schieffer asked Cain if he would tell people it is not cool to smoke.

“I will have no problem saying that,” Cain said.

“Well, say it right now,” Schieffer said, pressing him.

Cain looked to the camera.

“Young people of America, all people, do not smoke,” he said. “It is hazardous and it’s dangerous to your health.”

“Don’t smoke. I never smoke, and I have encouraged people not to smoke,” he added.

“And it’s not a cool thing to do,” Schieffer said, prodding him along.

“It is not a cool thing to do,” Cain said. “That’s not what it was trying to say.”

2 thoughts on “Bob Schieffer Tackles Herman Cain Over Smoking Ad “It Sends The Signal That It’s Cool To Smoke”

  1. Steve Adams

    Must have been an awful slow news day…Wouldn’t you think that that air time would have been better spent by Bob Schiefer talking about the upcoming election… there are other non-smoking nannys that can deal with smokers… Has it really come to this ? Bob Scheifer needs to get a grip – he’s not the nations nanny – he’s supposed to be delivering real news. Not, “and it’s not a cool thing to do.”

  2. Patrick

    Conservatives tend to be purists when it comes to sex; they like to make all sorts of rules about what people should and shouldn’t do. Often, the public sees this as misguided over-reaching and imposing their morality on others. Liberals, on the other hand, demand purity in terms of what others are allowed to put into their bodies; hence, they are rabid anti-smoking nazis, anti-kid meal toys, and rabid about “healthy snacks.” Bob Schieffer is merely following liberal group-thought.

    This is not to say that there is not some merit in both positions. Abortion is clearly a statistical genocide against minorities, and smoking is definitely unhealthy and unclean.

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