Madison’s B.B. Clarke Park Riprap Project Underway

After many community meetings and several delays the shoreline restoration project has started at B.B. Clarke Beach.  It will be a rather massive project over the next two months that will pay dividends for decades to come.

Riprap is a proven method of dealing with problems being experienced at the beach and shoreline.  Large amounts of rock will be lined along the shoreline to serve as a buffer.  As the waves wash towards land the rocks in large measure absorb and deflect the pressure of the water, and its harmful impact.

A strip of no-mow growth will run along the riprap area onshore to allow for runoff water to be filtered.

Today stone was delivered in the driveway for the large equipment to drive on over the weeks to come.

Stakes show the project work area.

Thanks to all those who made this project possible, including Alderperson Marsha Rummel, who fielded many of my calls over the past two years.  Rummel aided in getting this project to the finish line.  This is a great and needed outcome for this park which serves as an asset to Madison.

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