A Writer Dies, Andy Rooney Was 92


Hours after I wrote my post I read this–Scott Pelley remarked on the news: “The Romans had Cicero. The English had Dickens. America had Andy. He hid a philosopher’s genius behind the honest prose of Everyman. Apparently, God needed a writer.”

There was no way not to watch the ending each week of “60 Minutes” and catch the musings of Andy Rooney.  No matter the topic his words were an essential ingredient to ending the program.

Though Rooney was no longer a fixture on the show this season he will always be remembered for his leaning on the desk and alerting us to the follies of too many ash trays that can be collected, or the silliness of having too many phone books.  There were those times too when he made a real impression when speaking about the horror of sending too many of our men and women to war.

He was first and foremost a writer, having started out with pen and paper in the Army working for a newspaper.  He was able to be successful on television because he knew how to form words into sentences, and thoughts into clear statements for others to ponder over.

There are too few in this world who can write anymore.  Many of the shows on television seem to be written by frustrated craftsmen of the English langauge who know they need to spit out something for that week’s production schedule.  Just enough to get by.

Andy Rooney was different as he cared about his thoughts and views, and how they should appear when printed.  He was from another generation where pride was placed in everything that was done.

Many will mourn the passing of Andy Rooney the man.

An equal number should ponder the loss of someone who made his life complete by writing, and let others into his world because he could complete well-written sentences that could move the reader to either smile or clench fists.

Peace to Andy Rooney.

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