Herman Cain Suspends Campaign For White House

There is no way this could have come out any other way for Herman Cain.

In a self-aggrandizing speech Cain spoke of his grandmother, and his desire to move forward and continue to speak to the issues of the nation.  With applause from truly misguided folks who can not, or will not, see the sham that is Herman Cain, a vow of continuing to press for the needs of the nation was made.

Cain spoke repeatedly about Plan B, and I kept wondering if we was going to the gay bar in Madison, or had somehow convinced himself that after failing to win the nomination and the presidency (Plan A) there was anything else left to really think uplifting about his race.

While there is always a noble calling in running for the White House, I wonder how much his intellect was trumped by ego over the past year.  Had he any sense of politics, or the way a campaign is run, there is no way given his checkered background that he would have entered this race.

While Herman Cain is a powerful speaker and colorful personality, the thing that striked me over the months, and especially the past month as women have come forward to show he was cheating on his wife, was his over-abundance of hubris.

That may be an asset in the corporate world.  It is not one that gains a candidate any legs in a national race where personality flaws are obvious, but never honestly addressed with the voters.

There is no way this could have come out any other way for Herman Cain.

5 thoughts on “Herman Cain Suspends Campaign For White House

  1. grannysmith

    Puhleeze….. If he’d been Democrat, he’d be in the lead. I feel it is all baloney anyway. Too many bimbos with Chicago connections and broke. I’d still vote for Cain. He’s real.

  2. Solly

    I wonder if his “suspension” will still allow him to take all of that nasty matching federal campaign money awarded in January. Out of principle, he should reject it. And contrary to Granny’s snark, the person in “the lead” right now for Repugnants, is Newtie, who ADMITTED two affairs. But logic is not a Repugnant trait.

  3. grannysmith

    Solly, I hope he rejects the federal money. I also wish Newt would return all the money he has been “paid” by varying organizations. Oh, wait….. we are talking about politicians. Sorry, Solly.

  4. Alan

    Isn’t ‘Plan B’ the common name for the morning after regrets abortion pill? I think Cain saying he is moving on to “Plan B’ is most appropriate. ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!

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