George Will Spoke For Everyone About “Charlatans, Entrepreneurs And Entrepreneurial Charlatans”

I have complained on this blog about the way some candidates for president now use the political process to make money for their personal bank accounts.  Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Herman Cain have bastardized the process to make untold amounts of cash, all the time knowing they were either not going to be actual candidates, or had no realistic way to win the party nomination.  Each of them used the theatrics of ‘running’ merely to make money from the process. 

That is shameful.

This morning George Will came out swinging on “This Week”.  Will, needless to say, is correct!

AMANPOUR: George, Rick Santorum hoping to get a boost from Herman Cain’s supporters. Is that viable for him? Will he, do you think?

GEORGE WILL, COLUMNIST: Sure, he’s playing the Iowa game by the traditional rules. And I think there’s an interesting contrast between Santorum’s fate and Cain’s fate. We want a process that allows a dark horse like Santorum, someone who has been seriously engaged in national politics to gain traction if he has time, hence a small state like Iowa should lead this process.

I think, however, and I wonder if Donna agrees, that between now and 2016, both parties have to do some serious thought as to whether they can develop some filter to prevent this process, particularly with made proliferation of debates from being hijacked by charlatans, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial charlatans.

AMANPOUR: Who would you label as one of those?

WILL: Well, the one who dropped out, Mr. Cain, who used this as a book tour in a fundamentally disrespectful approach to the selection of presidents. Now, we have a December 27th debate proposed that would be moderated by Donald Trump. Surely it is time for these candidates to do something presidential, stand up and say we’re not going to be hijacked and participate in this.

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