Steve And Johnnie To Leave WGN Radio Friday

With over 6,2oo broadcasts under their belts during almost 26 years Steve and Johnnie will say so-long from the WGN studios this Friday.  The famed couple of over-night radio in Chicago made the announcement at that the top of their show early Monday morning.   The final week is going to be one long goodbye with a series of guests and memories.

No one wants to see this happen, but as Steve King and Johnnie Putnam explained to listeners (who already knew) they have a whole series of side projects that now can be ramped up.  One of them is the Nashville TV show that has taken some of their time, and now can be done without ‘buring both ends of the candle”.

I am pleased to know they soon will have a regular schedule, and enjoy breakfast time and coffee like most folks do.  Late at night they would sometimes talk about the food they were hungry for and planning to eat once they left the studios at 5:00 A.M., and it was rarely breakfast foods.  In addition they can take the blinds off their windows and sleep during the night, instead of the day.  That will be worth everything to them.

It will not be retirement for Steve and Johnnie as they are so active with music, and I suspect at least one book.  More will be seen and heard from them, but not on a nightly basis.

While it is sad to lose friends over the airwaves, we all know radio changes.  But the memories of Steve and Johnnie will remain forever.

As Steve King said last night–

It was Christmas Eve 1984 Steve was first heard on WGN and Valentine’s Day, 1985, we newlyweds were first heard as a duo on WGN. This Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, our last show, we will wrap 6,207 shows that started as three and a half, then four, then five, and, until recently six hour shows. They were always Sunday night through Thursday night with a few years of Saturday night and Sunday afternoon shows thrown in. That’s a LOT of talking, a lot of history covered, a lot of friendships made with guests and with those of you who were nice enough to hang out with us on the other side of your radio speakers.

4 thoughts on “Steve And Johnnie To Leave WGN Radio Friday

  1. Mortified West Allis Resident

    This is all very sad! I live in West Allis Wisconsin and WGN is my radio station. Milwaukee AM radio is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican National Committee. Besides that, it’s boring, boring, boring! How many times can you repeat “WEA” and “Thugs” in the same hour! I love, figuratively, Steve, Johnnie, Nick D. and Dr. Rosenberg. Yes, I know Dr. Rosenberg is conservative but he is always polite, generous to listeners with opposing views, and hosts diverse topics. I don’t think I have ever heard him call anyone names or use the word “Thug”.

  2. Dave Harris

    Personally, I’m glad they are off the air. Their shots at Wisconsin politics the past eight months have been unprofessional and lacking in both insight and background knowledge.

    Johnnie also got on my nerves because she came across as the weakest women I have heard on the air. She seemed to have no life and no opinions that didn’t mesh with her husband’s.

    I also got tired of their fairly constant name-dropping. The final straw was her cliam that Les Paul ditched a ‘meet and greet’ for fans after a show to come to the station in a snow storm to hang-out with her and Steve.

    The comment made her, Steve and Paul all seem arrogant and having met Les and seen numerous interviews with him that does him a disservice.

  3. arlene mendlik

    this is a travistry, first Kathy and Judy and now Steve and Johnnie. I just moved to Calif and was looking forward to a relaxing evening with my brand new Grandson sleeping in his crib and catching up with Steve and Johnnie.. Just loved the differnet topics, music, that may not have been mainstream, but Damn good. They worked so well together. Will miss both terribly. Best wishes and continued good health to both. WGN your choices leave me wondering what your doing. Love Dr Rosenburg and John Williams and Nick D., but you will mess them up to.
    So Sad
    Will Miss Steve and Johnnie and Kathy and Judy. Someone running this station doesn’t know a good thing when they have it. Hope they find their voices again on a station that will respect what they have. Watch out John Williams.

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