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Arrest Made In Governor Scott Walker John Doe Investigation

December 13, 2011

(Insert Dragnet music)

Scott Walker may be facing a recall at the same time the  long-simmering investigation of his past political machinations come to light.


There are always stories behind the fair-haired ones in politics.  After a win in November 2010, and then a string of highly successful political plays in the Wisconsin State Legislature comes a storm wall for Governor Walker.

Without all the facts, and lots of conjecture there does seem to be something that does not smell right with Walker.  While I stand on my belief that nothing ever good results from political scandals as they undermine the faith of the electorate, I would be less than honest if I did not say this John Doe investigation makes me smile.

The news tonight will have legs.  Added to that are to be doubtless other stories that will carry this story to the recall election.

If anyone deserves to have the smile wiped from his face it is Scott Walker, and I suspect the news this evening might have done that very thing.

Andrew P. Jensen Jr.

Another major shoe has dropped in the John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s current and former aides.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Andrew P. Jensen Jr., a commercial real estate broker with Boerke Co. and a past president of the Commercial Association of REALTORS Wisconsin.

Fran McLaughlin, spokesman for Sheriff David Clarke Jr., confirmed that Jensen was behind bars on Tuesday night. But McLaughlin said no one had filed a criminal complaint against the 50-year-old Milwaukee resident.

The sheriff’s website states that charges are pending against Jensen.

Attempts to reach Jensen or his lawyer were unsuccessful.

Jensen was a minor contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, donating $850 to Walker. Boerke Co. employees gave a total of $12,150.

Insiders told No Quarter that he was arrested for refusing to cooperate with the long-running John Doe investigation by Milwaukee County prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf declined to discuss the matter late Tuesday.

“I have no comment,” Landgraf said.

  1. jerry person permalink
    December 14, 2011 4:38 PM

    The Federal court just ruled they can give all the money they want. It is wrong but America has the best judges MONEY CAN BUY.

  2. Tom permalink
    December 14, 2011 12:17 PM

    the witch hunt can’t get the good s so the pull a scooter libby, another sad waste of tax payer money

  3. December 14, 2011 7:33 AM

    well well well the shoe is starting to drop. and there will be more to come. walker and his cronies will start to fall and i can’t wait for the other shoes to drop. maybe now people will see what a real crook they voted for.

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