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Gay Rights In Madison Takes Forward Step With Contractors To Provide Benefits To Domestic Partners

December 14, 2011

This idea has been floated for some time, but never took off until last night when the Madison City Council introduced a measure to make city contractors provide benefits for domestic partners.  If passed it would take effect in July 2012.

I do not care if business thinks this is onerous or not as the price to have a city contract.  These deals are very beneficial to contractors, and there is nothing wrong in making it so everyone is treated equally.  Ante up the benefits, or do not bid for city contracts.  That is the deal, plain and simple.

There is no room for the back-and-forth banter of what equality costs. I am so sick of that line of attack. 

Madison is a very gay friendly city, and lots of tax dollars from the gay community helps everyone out.  Now it is time to ensure that more progress and justice is provided for those who still have to fight in these ways (in the city council) for the benefits that breeders take for granted every day.

The question is not if this policy needs to be enacted, but only why in hell it has it taken so long to get this far?

I am just tired of waiting for full equality to come to fruition.  While there has been tremendous progress and movement in many parts of society with gay rights there is still a restlessness among a segment of the population who desire full civil rights in this country.

The gay community deserves nothing less.

Madison would require its contractors to provide benefits to employees with domestic partners equal to benefits given to married employees, under a proposal that was introduced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Sponsor Ald. Mike Verveer, 4th District, said it was needed to maintain equal treatment of employees whose companies work for the city.

“It’s absolutely the right thing to do to ensure city taxpayer money is spent on contractors that treat their employees equally and fairly,” Verveer said, adding he expected broad support.

The measure would apply to service contracts over $25,000, contracts for city financial assistance over $25,000, and public works contracts that are bid out.

Mayor Paul Soglin supports the proposal and City Council President Lauren Cnare expects passage.

“I’m hoping people will consider it not onerous on business, but an equality thing,” Cnare said.

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