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Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Lost 11,700 Private-Sector Jobs In November From October

December 15, 2011

This is not the direction that Governor Scott Walker promised Wisconsin would head if he and his merry band of Republicans were given the reins of power.  They have had complete control of the levers of power in the state legislature, and the results are growing more grim every month that passes.  For all the bashing of workers that conservatives seem to relish in dishing out since Walker was sworn into office, there are now more unemployed people to show as their only accomplishment.

Who could have predicted a disaster of this type following a Scott Walker election victory?  Oh, that’s right…almost everyone.

On to the recall!

Wisconsin lost private-sector jobs for the fifth consecutive month in November in the same months that the nation has been adding private-sector jobs, according to a report Thursday from the state Department of Workforce Development.

The state lost an estimated 11,700 private-sector jobs in November from October, according to the agency. The figures are based on a monthly government survey of employers and adjusted to smooth out recurring seasonal factors, such as winter-related slowdowns in construction or holiday hiring by retailers.

The government sector, meanwhile, continued to lose jobs at the city and county level, which meant the state lost an estimated total of 14,600 non-farm jobs when the losses in the private sector are combined with the losses in the public sector.

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