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Recall Scott Walker Movement Blazes Across Wisconsin

December 15, 2011

This is one of those moments in Wisconsin politics when many years from now grandparents will tell young ones perched on their knee about the time a power-hungry politician won office and then attempted to over-reach with spite-filled legislation.  It will be a story about what average voters from Superior to Milwaukee, from Ellison Bay to Cuba City did when they felt they had been taken advantage of by someone who ran for public office without detailing his true intentions.

There will be stories of citizens bracing brisk November winds and cold December rains to stand up for the values that folks in the Badger State have long felt were as much a foundation of their community as the local church and barbershop.   There will be tales of long lines of faces at the local market where a clipboard was held by a gloved neighbor gathering signatures on petitions to force a recall of a sitting governor.

The stories that will result from the time we now live will not soon be forgotten. Nor should they be forgotten.

This is after all the real civics lesson that creates the spine in our democracy, and the needed bleach in the body politic that helps usher in more thoughtful leaders.

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  1. Craig permalink
    January 13, 2012 12:13 PM

    Little doubt that a million or more recall signatures will be collected. But now that the GAW board is required to verify these signatures maybe after this ‘accounting’ the recall may drop to around 800,000. And the GAW has to flip the bill for the software to do the verifying . More tax money wasted.

    Then the delay for a few more months past the 60 days hoped for. Then after spending around $12 million a possibility exists that a recount may be asked for. So jack that price up to around $20 million. So $20 million for what? –>Nothing Illegal happened here<– this is all sourer grapes.

    If you think something illegal happened here then state your case. Show me the exact law [s] broken.


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