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Will Anderson Cooper Come Out Of The Closet On His Daytime TV Show?

December 15, 2011

Ratings bonanza if he does, and lots of self-respect to top it off.    One of the worst-kept secrets is that Anderson Cooper is gay.  Why the secrecy is another strange story.  Live life and be who you are.

BTW, you think they work out at a gym?

We heard from a tipster that glass closet aficionado Anderson Cooper was bringing his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani to the holiday party for his daytime talk show Anderson tomorrow evening and alleges it is because the show is prepping Anderson’s big coming out episode for February sweeps. Can this be true?

Yes, Anderson‘s ratings aren’t that hot, but aren’t totally abysmal either. Also, they can’t be that desperate since the show was renewed for season two. But a bump in the ratings around sweeps time sure would be great, and what better way than outing Anderson—something that journalists have been doing for years to great effect.

  1. December 15, 2011 3:34 PM


    If I was only 30 years younger, single, and straight….

    I do like your comments.

  2. ohnoes! not HER again.... permalink
    December 15, 2011 3:29 PM

    who doesn’t know he’s gay? rilly, gimme names.
    every-freakin-body already knows this. IMO to pump it up seems tacky to me and grandstanding to get ratings. Tacky like a bimbo-starlet showing off her big diamond ring.
    Ev-reee-buddy knows.
    plus, I don’t buy the concept that “stars” pimping their gayness advances anything. (I may be wrong but that’s my Humble…) Hollywood is too easily and often dismissed as being “depraved”, “liberal” and un-real (often sick) lifestyles (tiger blood anybody?) .
    IMO the thing that makes a difference in REAL people’s REAL lives is when PEOPLE THEY KNOW AND LIKE come out.
    Your cousin, brother, Mom, neighbor…those are the folks that are 100% real and cannot be made into caricatures. I say they may feel “weak” and beat down (good reasons to etc etc but..) but they are ironically the ones with the True Powah. The pain felt over rejection and back-stabbing are also very real and readily seen. People meeting (and not being able to “help” liking) REAL gay partners etc etc. there en-lies the power. Real everyday people dealing with real everyday other people,
    well, that’s what I believe anyways, I care not what Anderson Cooper or Rosie O’Donnell do with their lives. I don’t find them real, nor do most ppl. For some odd reason I DO care what GaGa says. Maybe it’s a personal style thing and I’m full of crap.
    Anyways, Happy Holidays 2 U and yerz from that old Annie K who is temporarily back form the dead.

  3. December 15, 2011 2:05 PM


    I agree.

    It is just when a figure like Anderson comes out and announces being gay it gives lots of young people in small towns who are not always able to connect in ways they might hope to with others of like-mind hope for the future. Coming out is still very important for many reasons. That is why I called attention to this story with a post.

  4. windy33 permalink
    December 15, 2011 12:30 PM

    so whats the big deal. he can live his life any way he sees fit. why make a big fuss it’s his life not yours to do what ever you want to say about it. NO BIG DEAL

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