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Slow Pace Of Reporting Death Of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il

December 19, 2011

I love a big international news story with drama and speculation.  Little is better than when at the center of the story is North Korea.  Mysterious, dangerous, and complicated.  Love it.

The first thing that struck me about the news story last night of Kim Jong-il dying was pointed out in an online article this morning.  The lapse of time from his death to the time it was reported underscores the apparent instability of the regime, and the confusion and intrigue that often is at the heart of such tyrannical nations.

Not long after the news of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il broke, just after 10pmET tonight, “Kim Jong” and “Pyongyang” began trending on Twitter. The death of a ruling world leader — in this case a supreme leader — would be instant news around the globe. But the fact that it took two days for the news to be made public, speaks volumes about the global isolation in which North Korea exists. The first reports were that Kim died of fatigue at 8:30 am Dec. 17 (6:30pmET Friday) during train ride. That was later updated to “massive heart attack.”

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