Marion Wilson Obituary

James wrote a beautiful obituary for his mom.  Marion Wilson passed away this morning, and the obituary was posted on James’ blog.  I copy it here.

My Loving Mother

Marion Sweet Wilson, 63, passed away peacefully at her Corinth home on Dec. 20, 2011.  She was born July 9, 1948 to Eugene and Marie (Rowe) Sweet, hardy New England farmers from whom she learned the value of hard work, frugality, and ingenuity.  A no-nonsense kind of gal, Marion had a quick wit and fantastic sense of humor, which complemented nicely her zeal for living. 

Marion and her husband Robert were both 1966 graduates of the East Corinth Academy, where Marion (her class Valedictorian) secretly helped Robert out with his English homework—showing early signs of the great partnership that the couple would develop in the decades to follow.  Marion and Robert were wed Sept. 15, 1967 and she later marched with the Class of 1969 at the University of Maine at Orono, earning a B.A. in History, with a certificate to teach. 

Marion was but one half of a very solid team.  She kept a neat house, made sure that dinner was nutritious and delicious, and raised her three kids all while learning everything there was to know about carpentry and general contracting, right alongside Robert.  She rivaled any of the job foremen with whom her husband had worked over the years, and bested more than one.  She long considered their Corinth home, which she designed and he built, to be their greatest accomplishment together. 

A stay-at-home mom and a voracious reader, Marion was a first-rate volunteer for all of the kids’ school events and field trips.  She encouraged all their friends who spent time in her house to set lofty goals and to strive for them earnestly.  To any reasonable idea she would never have said ‘no’ but rather ‘why not’; she believed in empowering people.  Marion had a strong sense of family, and did not limit her conception of it to just the people related to her.  If you found yourself lucky enough to be invited to join her at the family table, you knew you were loved. 

Marion had numerous health issues, though her ailments never kept her from smiling or sharing her gracious and contagious laughter with others.  She was an excellent patient, and self-advocated with much grace.  In fact, she often watched her own surgeries on the screens with the doctors, like one might watch a program on the Discovery Channel.  No one knew how she managed to pull through it all and still keep a positive outlook on life.  She was the very face of bravery in times of personal adversity, even in her final illness. 

In a letter to her family, Marion encapsulated her philosophy for life and love:  “Don’t be angry with me if I am not there in person, alive and well, when you need me.  I would like nothing more.  When you feel sick at heart and weary of life, or when you stumble and fall and don’t know if you can get up again, think of me.  I will be watching and smiling and cheering you on.  Love, Mom”.  Marion was a terrific cheerleader, and will be missed by all.

Marion leaves behind her beloved husband, Robert, and her three children and their families:  Todd and Tena Wilson; James Wilson and Gregory Humphrey; and Melissa and Kermit Tate.   She is also survived by her mother and stepfather, Marie and Sherwood Megquier; mother-in-law, Avis Wilson; one sister; three brothers-in-law and four sisters-in-law; three-step grandchildren and two-step great-grandchildren; many nieces and nephews; and special cousins, Betsy and Bryan Parsons, Cindy Trask.  Marion was predeceased by her father, Eugene, and father-in-law, Lafayette. 

At her request, a private family service will be held in her honor.  In lieu of flowers, donations in Marion’s memory may be made for a new display at the Corinth Historical Society, P.O. Box 541, Corinth, Maine 04427. 

Thank you, Marion, for being such a loving and loyal partner in life, a compassionate and patient mother, and a caring and thoughtful daughter.

5 thoughts on “Marion Wilson Obituary

  1. Darlene & Lori

    My condolences James and Gregory on your magnificient loss. I never met her but, I have met her son. And that alone, is a wonderful testament and legacy to leave.

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