Ron Paul Does Not Like To Answer For Racist, Anti-Gay Articles

I wonder what Ron Paul would do in tough negotiations with foreign heads of state?

The GOP clown car really needs to load these bozos up and drive out of town.

Racist Past Of Ron Paul Surfacing As Iowa Caucus Draws Near


I have posted on the racist, anti-gay side of Ron Paul since 2008.

The New York Times ran an article today.

Emerging as a real Republican contender in Iowa, Representative Ron Paul of Texas is receiving new focus for decades-old unbylined columns in his political newsletters that included racist, anti-gay and anti-Israel passages that he has since disavowed.

The latest issue of The Weekly Standard, a leading conservative publication, reprised reports of incendiary languagein Mr. Paul’s newsletters that were published about 20 years ago.

A 1992 passage from the Ron Paul Political Report about the Los Angeles riots read, “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.” A passage in another newsletter asserted that people with AIDS should not be allowed to eat in restaurants because “AIDS can be transmitted by saliva”; in 1990 one of his publications criticized Ronald Reagan for having gone along with the creation of the federal holiday honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which it called “Hate Whitey Day.”

Mr. Paul has survived previous questions about his newsletters. During his 1996 race for the House, Democrats publicized issues of his newsletter that called Barbara Jordan, the African-American Texas congresswoman, a “half-educated victimologist” and said of crime in Washington, D.C., “I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

He defended the statements to The Dallas Morning News at the time, saying they were taken out of context. He also told the newspaper he did not know that his newsletter — with 7,000 to 8,000 subscribers — was listed by a neo-Nazi group called Heritage Front, apparently as recommended reading, under the Internet heading “Racialists and Freedom Fighters.”

But in an interview in 2001 with Texas Monthly, Mr. Paul said he regretted that he had not admitted that he had not written the newsletters. “They were never my words, but I had some moral responsibility for them,” Mr. Paul said. He said that he had “actually really wanted to try to explain that it doesn’t come from me directly,” but that his campaign aides had told him, “Your name was on that letter and therefore you have to live with it.”

Tim Metcalfe Trying To Strip Union Rights Of Cub Foods Workers

I have posted before about my fondness for the Cub Foods store located near West Town in Madison.  I love the store, workers, produce, and prices.  (And the slope of the driveway–CP readers will know what that means.)

This week I shopped, as I always have, at the store and was informed by some of the workers of the underhanded way Tim Metcalfe is treating the Cub’s employees as he works to bust a union.


This is the letter I sent to Mr. Metcalfe. 

Dear Mr. Metcalfe,

I am taking the time to write to you today to express my concern about Metcalfe Markets recent purchase of the only existing full service Union grocer in the greater Madison area.

With the highly charged recent activity around collective bargaining rights in this state, we have all had to ask ourselves “which side are you on?”  I have clearly made that choice and I will support those that allow long term dedicated employees such as those employed by Cub Foods to maintain that right.  By hiring a majority of these experienced workers at Cub Foods you will allow them to continue to collectively bargain over their wages, hours and working conditions.

I am convinced that the only reason that a majority of these workers would not be hired would be to strip them of their Union rights.  I believe Wisconsinites are fed up with this type of action.

I am hopeful that this is not your intent, as I look forward to patronizing your newest store provided that you recognize these worker’s rights.

I will continue to monitor this situation and encourage you and Metcalfe Markets to decide; “Which side are you on?” 


Maureen Dowd Skewers Newt Gingrich

The whole column is a must-read.

His latest manifesto, which should have been addressed “Dear Iowa Fundamentalist Caucus-goers,” states: “As litigants demand that courts and judges intervene to create new ‘rights’ out of whole cloth, such litigants and their supporters seek to limit the freedom of others to express their deeply held religious commitments to, for example, the value of every human life and to marriage as between one man and one woman.”

As opposed to one man and three women? Nobody is forcing Christians to marry anyone they don’t want to marry; they’re preventing gays from marrying people they want to marry.

Gingrich doesn’t seem concerned about the religious freedom of Muslims. He compared the Muslims trying to put up a mosque near ground zero to Nazis putting up a sign next to the Holocaust Museum.

President Newt just wants the right to limit other peoples’ rights in the name of religion.

How Did Kim Jong Il Die?

Intrigue…and more intrigue.

Now, South Korean intelligence officials are even casting doubt on Pyongyang’s official story line that the 69-year-old Kim died of a heart attack while working aboard a moving train Saturday morning.

South Korea’s top spy, Won Sei-hoon, told lawmakers in Seoul that a review of satellite photographs revealed that Kim’s train was actually stationary at a Pyongyang station at the time of the ruler’s death, as announced by the North, according to media reports.

“There were no signs the train ever moved,” South Korean media quoted Won as telling officials.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday seconded Won’s reported comments, questioning the circumstances of the dictator’s death.

Due to previous assassination attempts, Kim always traveled aboard a bulletproof train that was more like an armored Queen Mary on wheels.

North Korea watchers speculate that the time and place of Kim’s death may somehow be sensitive to North Korean officials as they oversee the transition of power to the late strongman’s handpicked successor, his youngest son, Kim Jong Un.

South Korean media reported rumors circulating among national lawmakers that Kim Jong Il actually died in his bed at his Pyongyang residence.

But the image of a sickly, weakened and prone “Dear Leader” taking his last breaths may not have sounded sufficiently patriotic to suit Pyongyang’s propaganda machine.

So maybe, just maybe, the North Koreans pulled a page from Hollywood and … did a rewrite! The image of an indefatigable Kim dying while on a “field guidance tour” better fits the legacy of a dictator who didn’t know quit.

(Think the drama of a young John F. Kennedy cut down in the infancy of his presidency, or a charismatic Theodore Roosevelt-type who keels over at his desk.)

The North’s Korean Central News Agency is perpetrating the dictator-as-hero story, reporting that the North Korean people, “young and old, men and women, are calling Kim Jong Il, who gave tireless field guidance, totally dedicated day and night to the happiness of the people.”

Jib Jab 2011 In Review Makes For Smiles

Every year at this time Jib Jab makes a video that sends smiles all over the world.