Republicans Double-Down On Speaker Boehner Over Payroll Tax Cut

Ouch.  From Politico

The Republicans are getting tarred over this matter, and rightly so.  They walked into their own political trap and now want everyone else to let them go.  Isn’t going to happen.  The House Republicans are going to have to come to terms with the importance of governing.  That is why they wanted to be elected, right?  Or was it to just blow up bridges?  The teabaggers are learning a lesson, and I might add so are those other Republicans who used that odious Tea Party element their own political ends.

In a blow to House Republicans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has called on the House to pass a two-month extension of the payroll tax bill, with a push to use the extra time to negotiate a full year extension. McConnell is also requesting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appoint conferees to negotiate a longer-term bill. “The House should pass an extension that locks in the thousands of Keystone XL pipeline jobs, prevents any disruption in the payroll tax holiday or other expiring provisions, and allows Congress to work on a solution for the longer extensions,” McConnell said in a Thursday statement.

Reid later released a statement promising that he will be “happy to restart the negotiating process to forge a year-long extension” as soon as the House passes the Senate’s two-month compromise deal.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Double-Down On Speaker Boehner Over Payroll Tax Cut

  1. Interesting that the house passed a bill…which Harry Do Nothing Reid declared Dead on Arrival at the senate…. then the senate passed a stupid version of that same bill, and now it’s the Republicans fault ????? More of that fuzzy math ?????

  2. No, more of the same games that Republicans play.

    Did you note from other reports that many of the conferees from the House are opposed to this tax reduction from the start? They are trying to load a measure up with items that are not sound, and should be either taken up as a standing bill, or forgotten. This time the GOP over-reached and played a bad hand and that is why establishment GOPers are demanding that Boehner pass this bill and live to fight another day.

  3. One more thing….for Boehner to take the sane road means he needs to go face-to-face with the tea types in his caucus who have no concept of what government is about, or more to the point how to govern.

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