Video: Mitt Romney Compares Newt Gingrich To Lucy Ball

This tickled me.

Score one for Mitt Romney speaking off the cuff.

Vladimir Putin and Condoms

I write the headlines, but not the news stories.

Getting caught up on newspapers from Sunday made be snicker today when reading about the demonstrations in Russia aimed at undermining Vladimir Putin. (Something I am all for.)

There was this paragraph–

The protests have rattled the Kremlin, which has not encountered widespread political resistance for a decade. Mr. Putin initially sneered at the demonstrators, saying days after the first rally that the white ribbons they have adopted as a symbol resembled limp condoms, and that they participated only because they were paid by foreign agents seeking to undermine Russia.


Political Trivia: Taxes

April 8, 1789–three weeks before George Washington will be sworn into office for the first time–James Madison stood up in the House of Representatives and introduced a tax bill.  It was the first bill ever introduced under the new form of government outlined in the U.S. Constitution. 

The very first order of business in the very first session of Congress was a bill to make sure that the economy was placed in a more sure-footed path, and that manufacturing would be promoted.  The means to do that was duties, and tariffs on a whole range of products from rum, beer, molasses, sugar cocoa, and coffee. 

There was a clear sense of the need for revenue, and while there was a lively debate about the taxes, the bill passed.

There is today in Washington far too few with the foresight of Madison, or the others who like him forged a new nation.  For all those Tea Party types who carry a copy of the Constitution while spouting about the Founding Fathers there remains a vast disconnect between real leadership, and the shallow end of the political divide.