Michele Bachamnn Spurned By Insider

This must hurt.

Talk about fairweather friends. Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R), who was Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s state campaign chairman, endorsed Texas Rep. Ron Paul Wednesday night.

At a rally in Des Moines, Sorenson told the crowd, “We’re going to take Ron Paul all the way to the White House.”

To make matters worse…..

He did not tell Bachmann of his decision until he was en route to the Paul rally, billed as an event for veterans.

3 thoughts on “Michele Bachamnn Spurned By Insider

  1. Craig

    Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R), understands that Ms. Bachmann, although an experienced Federal tax attorney, is not going to be ‘it’.

    Too bad, down goes another Tea Party intellectual who understands that this Government entitlement business is no business to be in.

    I ask, “If private companies can not run like this then the government can’t either. Right?”

    Choose what is going to be funded and toss the rest away. It’s called governing.


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