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Scurrilous Book, “Nixon’s Darkest Secrets” Asks If President Nixon Was Gay, Had Mafia Ties, Beat Wife

December 29, 2011


I flatly think Don Fulsom is nothing more than a money-grubbing sensationalist attempting to make a few sales with a cheaply written book.

At the end of the day “few sales” will be the key.  This book will fall flat.  And rightly so.

There are plenty of areas where Richard Nixon’s long and complicated life allow for deep consideration in book form.  But the cheap attempt to make some money by going for the lurid pot-shots makes this book more bathroom material than anything one would want on a bookshelf with serious volumes.

BTW, when I say bathroom material I refer to those areas where outhouses might still be in use, and toilet paper in short supply.  That would be the only reason anyone would have Don Fulsom’s book on hand.

Given everything that Richard Nixon has been accused of, it’s difficult to believe there could be any more skeletons left in his cupboard. But it seems there are.

A new biography by Don Fulsom, a veteran Washington reporter who covered the Nixon years, suggests the 37th U.S. President had a serious drink problem, beat his wife and — by the time he was inaugurated in 1969 — had links going back two decades to the Mafia, including with New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello, then America’s most powerful mobster.

Yet the most extraordinary claim is that the homophobic Nixon may have been gay himself. If true, it would provide a fascinating insight into the motivation and behaviour of a notoriously secretive politician.


The Atlantic has a cheeky way to view this book.

A new biography of Richard Nixon by former UPI reporter Don Fulsom suggests Nixon may have been having a homosexual affair with his confidante, a banker with mafia ties named Charles ‘Bebe’ Rebozo, because, of course. Abraham Lincoln, J. Edgar Hoover and Rick Perry got them, so why shouldn’t Nixon have a gay conspiracy to call his own? Fulsom’s evidence seems to be culled from interviews with journalists and FBI agents that suggest Nixon slept in a separate bedroom from his wife, was once caught holding hands with Rebozo underneath the dinner table, and hugged Rebozo “the way you’d cuddle your senior prom date.” Delightful!  This is of course the same Richard Nixon who suggested homosexual people “cannot be in places of high trust,” which is perhaps the real reason he graciously took himself out of office. No but really, it does appear dangerous to oppose gay rights if your goal is to avoid having your post-mortem reputation sullied with a gay rumor these days. We can just see the presidential retrospective written 40 years from now: Rumors of Same-Sex Relationship Swirled Around Santorum’s Presidency.

  1. Bill permalink
    February 16, 2012 2:45 PM

    Homosexuality, in fact, is just not as common as people have been led to believe. The Kinsey report has long since been discredited and even homosexual activists have backpedaled, though not broadcasting it, that their numbers are not nearly so numerous as one in ten. Articles have been written also, I think in Newsweek, suggesting that the exposure of Americans to the gay culture though widespread media has led some Americans to believe that one in 4 or 5 are actually gay, when in fact, by more standardized polling the number is much closer to less than 3% of the population. Though the ratio in large urban areas might be somewhat higher.

  2. Bill permalink
    February 16, 2012 2:31 PM

    When you look back though history, I have tracked gay rumors about Nearly all of our presidents, since and including JFK, yes even JFK if you can believe it. Remember let’s go gay with LBJ only don’t go by the YMCA? How about Ann Coulter’s remarks about Bill Clinton? Yes, to insinuate that a man is gay is now the favored manner in which to cast aspersions on a candidate or political figure. At one time, in Lincoln’s day and even in the early part of the last century, the favored weapon with which to defame a public figure was to suggest mixed racial heritage. Now it’s, he’s gay. Or more likely, he was gay, which is how cowards like Fulsom deseminate their venom.

  3. Bill permalink
    February 16, 2012 2:20 PM

    Frankly there’s no evidence of Nixon being “closeted” that would give creedance to the rumor that Fulsom’s book is suggesting. In actuality, others around Nixon have noted that Nixon was more repressed sexually, and in a heterosexual manner. This would not be surprising given his religious upbringing. Nixon apparently used to look up womens skirts, and he liked to hang out on a beach where a particular woman would often bath topless. Both of these anecdotes have been substatiated in print. One by Nixons pilot in a book on Air force one, and the other by a secret service agent. The chances that Nixon was homosexual, closeted or otherwise, are just very, very unlikely.

  4. February 1, 2012 5:56 PM


    I tend to agree with your points about the matter RE: gay sex and RN and Rebozo. I think there is much to suggest that Nixon was more asexual than sexual. His whole personality is such a consticted one that there seems little interest ever demonstrated for anything other than his intellectual desires. The only thing one might suggest in all this is that RN might have been closeted to the extreme, and that would be much more difficult to prove.

  5. Bill permalink
    February 1, 2012 5:47 PM

    Actually there’s far more evidence that the two were indeed just friends. I ‘ve listened to recorded conversations between the two of them and Nixon often alludes to Rebozo making time with the ladies. And even Summers from whose book Fulsom cuts EDITS and pastes has attested to both Nixon making tipsy passes at women and Bebe Rebozo bedding several women, and yes, the women ARE identified by name. In fact, Rebozo was a man known to procure women for his friends and clients, if there was any hanky panky going on, which I doubt, I’m sure it have involved a discreetly available woman and the president and certainly NOT an aging short stocky man who Nixon paraded around in front of all his friends and political associates. Fulsom is delusional.

  6. December 29, 2011 5:14 PM

    It is out there if I talk about it or not. Since there is press for the book, and I usually wind up as a Nixon history buff on this blog, my lack of talking about it might seem to some as if there is something to hide.

  7. December 29, 2011 3:39 PM

    Can’t believe you are giving Don Fulsom any exposure in the press… Good advertizing for him.

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