“Rick Perry Does Not Have The Brains To Be President”

Words just uttered live on MSNBC by Chris Matthews.  The coffee shop in Iowa where “Hardball” is being staged burst into applause.

Words that needed to have been said a long time ago.

My only additional thought is how in heck did the people of Texas ever think Perry was capable to be elected Governor.  Might that be a reflection on Texans?

5 thoughts on ““Rick Perry Does Not Have The Brains To Be President”

  1. Solly

    My thought is how did he survive this long as “host of a show?” He asks a question, and then talks over the person trying to answer, and jumps on their response before they’re done and takes off on a tangent. He’s mired in 80s Washington think. But he is right on Perry.

    1. Right on Solly…….

      OK deekerivers, he’s not a news reporter…split that hair if necessary to make your case – but he sure isn’t an analyst or a host either… He’s an ill mannered, bombastic bully; who for reasons unknown commands air time to show the world what a dope he is… And good luck finding a “Pure reporter” with objective standards! They all disappeared long ago – victims to the national networks that the sheeple of the US believe and are therefore so blindly led to the kool-aid.

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