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Some Businesses In WMC Survey Scared Of Democracy

January 1, 2012

Tucked away in a side-bar of a larger story in the morning newspaper about the mood of Wisconsin businesses was something that really bothers me.

Asked about one thing state government could do to improve the business climate, 25 percent said reduce taxes; 19 percent said reduce regulation; 15 percent said be more pro-business in general; 7 percent cited recall reform.

Granted only 7 % of the respondents felt so threatened with actual citizens taking control of their political future that they felt some sort of reform was ‘required’.  Still what a dreadful commentary that makes for a segment of this state’s business community.

God forbid that actual voters and taxpayers no longer act like lemmings but instead stand up for their interests and demand government not use overreaching and political power-grabs to craft public policy.

I am sure that the business community who views recall reform as a necessity have never once considered that there was no need for such ideas before Scott Walker and Company decided to act in a purely partisan fashion with the lives of Wisconsin citizens.  Instead of seeking to modify Walker, the corporate interests go after the average man-on-the-street.  Where have I seen that scenario play out before?  And isn’t that how we got to this point in the first place?

Rising up, and recalling out-of-control Wisconsin politicians may scare some in the business sector.  But what WMC should have polled are the average voters who are tired of being used like toilet paper by the likes of Walker and his corporate pals.  Bet those results would have made some of the over-paid WMC lobbyists have some serious pit-stains.

Instead of being scared of democracy, the business community might be mindful of how Walker’s policies play in the national media, and how many bright and capable minds will shy away from this state as a result.  That should concern them a great deal more than having citizens use democracy as it was intended.

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  1. January 11, 2012 11:53 AM

    I edited your response severely as you did not in any way even talk about the topic of this post.

  2. Craig permalink
    January 11, 2012 3:01 AM

    “The first goal of our government at this time is not debt relief, but restoring jobs for the unemployed.” WHAT! ?? Every time the government tries to help, they screw it up.

    Wrongo my friend! Jobs will never come back until the government is out of the way. And until this out of control spending goes away. And ridiculous regulations go away.
    The ‘Super Committee’ could not find anything to cut? Balderdash!

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