Awesome Artwork For GOP Presidential Nomination Battle

This ranks as the best art design for any publication I have seen thus far concerning Election 2012. 


Rick Santorum Pits Whites Against Blacks Over Federal Assistance

Engage brain before opening mouth.

Then be mindful that nearly 90% of federal benefit programs in Iowa go to white people. In other words stop playing to the three-thumb crowd among conservatives in an order to round-up racist votes!

At a campaign stop in Sioux City, Iowa on Sunday, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum singled out blacks as being recipients of assistance through federal benefit programs, telling a mostly-white audience he doesn’t want to “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

He added: “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money; I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.”

Does NRA Find Anything Wrong With This Picture Of Benjamin Colton Barnes?


Tonight a gun-loving reader wrote a comment with this line, “Poor park ranger Margaret Anderson. I wonder what she did wrong to get shot? “

Needless to say the comment was not posted.   To say I am appalled does not begin to define my reaction.   The comment also included, “I like the guns. Guys in the know always load a tracer as the second round in. When you see the tracer leave the weapon then you know that you have only one more bullet left.”

There are some truly sick people in America.

By all accounts a very troubled person, Benjamin Colton Barnes, was involved in a custody dispute in Tacoma Washington. That happened in July 2011. At the time the toddler’s mother sought a temporary restraining order against him. She wrote that Barnes was suicidal and possibly suffered from PTSD after deploying to Iraq in 2007-2008. She said he was easily irritated, angry and depressed and kept an arsenal of weapons in his home.

With a totally unreasonable interpretation of the Second Amendment, along with the stranglehold that the NRA has on legislative bodies, there is no way to seemingly stop the madness that is contained in this photo of Barnes.

Is this really what you want to have happen in America?  Are you proud to see this photo?  This photo below is America’s t gun policy!

Tracking Image

Barnes is considered the reason for the the fatal New Year’s Day shooting of park ranger Margaret Anderson at Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park, along with a shooting Sunday in the Seattle suburb of Skyway that left four people wounded.

Common sense tells us all what needs to be done in relation to guns and society.  In 2012 will we heed that inner voice and demand our elected representatives pay more attention to the people than the monied-interests of the NRA?

Meteor Shower January 4th, Northern Hemisphere Could See 100 Per Hour

Take HOT beverage and….  

Why do I think this is more for newspaper delivery folks than the rest of us?  Still, this would be a sight to witness.

The 2012 Quadrantids, a little-known meteor shower named after an extinct constellation, will present an excellent chance for hardy souls to start the year off with some late-night meteor watching.

Peaking in the wee morning hours of Jan. 4, the Quadrantids have a maximum rate of about 100 per hour, varying between 60-200. The waxing gibbous moon will set around 3 a.m. local time, leaving about two hours of excellent meteor observing before dawn. It’s a good thing, too, because unlike the more famous Perseid and Geminid meteor showers, the Quadrantids only last a few hours — it’s the morning of Jan. 4, or nothing.

Like the Geminids, the Quadrantids originate from an asteroid, called 2003 EH1. Dynamical studies suggest that this body could very well be a piece of a comet which broke apart several centuries ago, and that the meteors you will see before dawn on Jan. 4 are the small debris from this fragmentation. After hundreds of years orbiting the sun, they will enter our atmosphere at 90,000 mph, burning up 50 miles above Earth’s surface — a fiery end to a long journey!

History And Haiti’s Hell

I understand the fact there is no way to tell the story of Haiti without feeling totally dismayed.  But when even a book review on the subject allows for so much disgust over what happened in Haiti one must truly question (again) the motives of American foreign policy. 

The new book “Haiti: The Aftershocks of History,” by Laurent Dubois was reviewed by author Adam Hochschild.

Part of this book does feel chillingly up to date, however: its account of the United States Marine occupation of Haiti for some two decades starting in 1915. The occupation was accompanied by high-flown declarations of benevolence, but the real motive was to solidify American control of the economy and to replace a constitution that prevented foreigners from owning land. The Marines’ near-total ignorance of local languages and culture sounds all too much like more recent expeditions. American officials declared, accurately enough, that the Haitian government was in bad shape and needed reform. But as the troops on the ground discovered, like their counterparts in Iraq and Afghanistan, no one likes to be reformed at the point of a foreigner’s gun. “We were not welcome,” wrote one private Dubois quotes. “We could feel it as distinctly as we could smell the rot along the gutters.” The Americans soon found themselves fighting off waves of rebellion against their rule. United States troops burned entire villages accused of sheltering insurgents and ruthlessly executed captured rebels or — does this sound familiar? — men who might have been rebels; often there was no way to distinguish them from local farmers.

When they finally pulled out, the Marines did leave some roads, clinics and schools behind them. But the occupation’s death toll, humiliation and theft of resources, Dubois makes clear, loom far larger in Haitian memory. Even with the best of intentions, which the Marines certainly didn’t have in 1915, nation-building is no easy job.

Perfect Political Thought From The Iowa Caucus Coverage

Many are geared up for the Rose Bowl today, and many were hopped up for the Packer game Sunday. But for politicos the real contest that pits the opposing teams takes place in Iowa on Tuesday night.

While there are many plausible scenarios to get to the place where the GOP has a presidential nominee, some are far more interesting than others. While there is a real possibility that the nomination process could be wrapped up by time we even get to Florida late this month, many (including myself) hope for some fireworks and drama. Not for the partisan purposes necessarily, but for the pure drama of a political fight.

If one can sit through three hours of a football game (with countless commercials) surely there is nothing wrong in wanting Super Tuesday to be a battle extraordinaire. With that in mind the perfect political phrase was printed in a Politico story about the Iowa caucuses. I read it, and knew it reflected the way I feel.

“…political reporters praying for a long, bloody nomination battle rather than a swift, buzz-killing coronation.”