Does NRA Find Anything Wrong With This Picture Of Benjamin Colton Barnes?


Tonight a gun-loving reader wrote a comment with this line, “Poor park ranger Margaret Anderson. I wonder what she did wrong to get shot? “

Needless to say the comment was not posted.   To say I am appalled does not begin to define my reaction.   The comment also included, “I like the guns. Guys in the know always load a tracer as the second round in. When you see the tracer leave the weapon then you know that you have only one more bullet left.”

There are some truly sick people in America.

By all accounts a very troubled person, Benjamin Colton Barnes, was involved in a custody dispute in Tacoma Washington. That happened in July 2011. At the time the toddler’s mother sought a temporary restraining order against him. She wrote that Barnes was suicidal and possibly suffered from PTSD after deploying to Iraq in 2007-2008. She said he was easily irritated, angry and depressed and kept an arsenal of weapons in his home.

With a totally unreasonable interpretation of the Second Amendment, along with the stranglehold that the NRA has on legislative bodies, there is no way to seemingly stop the madness that is contained in this photo of Barnes.

Is this really what you want to have happen in America?  Are you proud to see this photo?  This photo below is America’s t gun policy!

Tracking Image

Barnes is considered the reason for the the fatal New Year’s Day shooting of park ranger Margaret Anderson at Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park, along with a shooting Sunday in the Seattle suburb of Skyway that left four people wounded.

Common sense tells us all what needs to be done in relation to guns and society.  In 2012 will we heed that inner voice and demand our elected representatives pay more attention to the people than the monied-interests of the NRA?

23 thoughts on “Does NRA Find Anything Wrong With This Picture Of Benjamin Colton Barnes?

  1. James

    “Never once did I state that target shooting somehow correlates to crime in my comment. What anyone reading my comment would conclude is that we pay a high price in this nation if we are only protecting the paper shooters from having tougher gun laws.”

    Oh please, “paying a high price” is assigning blame no matter how you choose to frame it. Paper shooter are NOT the only ones being protected either as owning a firearm for self-defense in enshrined in the Constitution, which protects all citizens of this country. We pay a price for all of the freedoms we enjoy here. “Freedom isn’t free…” remember.

    “Take your hand off your penis and try to concentrate this time.”

    Are you still in grade school?

  2. Benjamin J Barnes

    Just so you know,Barnes was not suicidal not to mention Nicole (baby’s mama) Bought that Saiga 12 for Barnes) Barnes Civil Rights USC Title 18 sec. 240 & 241 were violated. Anderson had an AR-15 in her vehicle with 30 rd mag with 24 live rounds and a casing with tear on the neck and dent on body (stovepiped round) from her .223 in her vehicle.Barnes vehicle had also been shot with forensic pointing to Anderson. Audio from Black Hawk also leads to them finding the body the same day. So much more and everything I have mentioned was from FBI FOIA. Barnes also proven self defence from the party the night before. 2 weeks before the incident his life long best friend who served in Iraq at the same time Barnes did killed himself. Barnes went to VA for help just before the incident and got no service rendered. So much more…… Just another thing to think about, do you truly believe that anyone could fire upon swat for 90 min and they state they or Parks never fired at Barnes. So much more. Barnes didn’t die in a t-shirt he was wearing a bright royal blue long sleeved shirt. So much more……….

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