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Video Of Utterly Disgusting U.S. Marines Urinating On Dead Bodies

I am just betting that the parents of these American ‘heroes’ are not holding their heads up very high today when they go grocery shopping.   While nothing should shock us anymore, given how the lowest common denominators always make the news, I must admit this one stunned me.

I am not shocked that marines engaged in this deplorable act.  After all, the military is what the military is.

What bothers me is the lack of humanity that is on display.  What low-brow type upbringing did these men come from that would even allow them to consider this in any way an act to engage in?

That is what stuns me.

Maybe Rick Santorum is right when saying there is something wrong with the American family.  If ‘we’ are raising animals like this something must be wrong.

On top of it we get to pay with our tax dollars for these uneducated marines to urinate on dead bodies.

Ron Paul Supporters Out Of Line (Again), This Time Challenge CNN Reporter

There is a cult-like following that surrounds Ron Paul, the three-time losing candidate for president.  I find it rather amusing how his followers fawn over him, and never question his absurd conclusions on a whole raft of issues.

While I admire energy and committment for political causes and those who throw their hat into the political arena, there does come a time when devotion can become irksome and out-of-bounds.

Such an example took place when Ron Paul supporters thought they should be able to tell a major news operation they did not like the reporter covering the campaign, and wanted a replacement.  Who would think that after reading about the ‘dangers’ of the Federal Reserve Paul’s followers would have time to also ramp up their insight into how news operations should function!

It is most remarkable how ballsy and out of touch Ron Paul supporters can be as the following story makes clear.

A group of Ron Paul supporters are calling on CNN to remove the correspondent covering the candidate from her assignment, claiming that she is too biased against Paul.

Dana Bash aroused the ire of the pro-Paul brigade on Monday, when her questions to the Republican prompted his spokesman to angrily cut off an interview with her.

On Tuesday, Revolution PAC, a Super PAC dedicated to supporting Paul’s candidacy, issued a press release calling for Bash to be removed from covering the campaign. The PAC cited comments Bash made earlier in January.

“I’m sure you talk to Republicans who are worried as well, just like I am, that Ron Paul will continue on long into the spring and summer,” Bash said to husband and CNN colleague John King. Revolution PAC seized on the “just like I am” comment to say that Bash exhibited “strong” and “disturbing” bias against Paul.

It seems likely that Bash was telling King that, “just like” him, she was hearing from worried Republicans. Paul supporters, however, are clearly choosing a less charitable take on her words.

There is good news about all this, of course.  CNN is not about to be told by Ron Paul followers, who I suspect would all cry on cue like they do in North Korea if only the Fearless Leader would request it, which reporter will cover the campaign.

CNN issued a statement to The Huffington Post on Wednesday, supporting Bash against the attacks. The statement reads:

The notion that Dana is anything but objective is preposterous. Dana’s report should be fully reviewed in the context in which she meant it—to reference John’s sources and her sources, not her own opinion. Keep in mind, Dana was the only reporter that Rep. Ron Paul chose to conduct an interview with last night after winning second place in the NH primary. That should speak for itself.