Was Rick Perry Trying To Ward Off Evil After Monday’s Debate?

The crowd assembled for the Republican presidential debate Monday night was more suited for a hockey game than a public policy back-and-forth among those who wish to be the party’s nominee.  So I understand any move one of the candidates might take to remain safe from the hyper-partisan crowd.

But there remains one image of Rick Perry following the debate that strikes me as funny, given his heightened use of Christianity, at least for political purposes.  Does it not appear that Perry is trying to ward off evil or a hex from someone given how his fingers are posed?

If Rick Perry starts handling a serpent at Thursday nights CNN debate we will know the answer for sure.

Three Paragraphs Sum Up Green Bay Packer Loss To New York Giants


From The New York Times.

At the half, in a moment that few, if any, 15-1 teams have experienced, especially a team that is also the defending Super Bowl champion, the Packers were booed off the field. Maybe the fans sensed what was to come after intermission.

By game’s end, the soundtrack had changed significantly. No one was booing. That would have seemed anticlimactic, and most Green Bay supporters had left anyway. The fans who remained, numbering in the thousands, wore Giants blue. They leaned over the lower grandstand railings and cheered, in no hurry to leave.

Some took pictures of the Giants on their phones. Others talked on their phones. After all, they had a lot of catching up to do back home after another big Giants upset of a seemingly invincible team. Some were tapping the keys of their smartphones. They had reservations to make for San Francisco.