Over 1 Million Signatures To Recall Scott Walker!!!


Organizers of an effort to oust Walker said that they are submitting 1 million petition signatures on Tuesday, almost double the number needed to force a recall election. 

The signatures to recall Walker, as well as Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, are expected to be turned in at about 3 p.m. Organizers needed more 540,000 signatures for each to force the recall election. Besides Walker, they said that they’ll turned about 305,000 more signatures than needed to force a recall election of Kleefisch. They said that they will be bringing 3,000 pounds of papers to turn in.

Wisconsin Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald Gets Notice From His Constituents–More Than Enough Signatures To Face Recall

I suspect we all know where Scott Fitzgerald will need to spend some time this year.

In his district– minding business.

Nothing is to be taken for granted in this year of high stakes political poker in Wisconsin.  There are some mighty engaged, and highly energized voters who are not fond of the power grab that took place in the Wisconsin Legislature in 2011.  Citizens have reacted, and I suspect will continue to march forward in response to what they feel was an inappropriate way for the legislature to deal with policy matters.

I have argued over and over that process matters.

Perhaps with the news today Scott Fitzgerald will now seriously ponder that fact.

Recall organizers filed 20,600 signatures Tuesday to force a recall election against state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald – the first of what is expected to be six filings against Republicans including Gov. Scott Walker.

Recall supporters gathered on the steps of the Government Accountability Board, placing white banker boxes of petitions in front of the doors. Volunteers wrote messages in marker on the boxes as news photographers flashed pictures.

“These boxes contain our hopes, our hard work and 20,600 signatures,” recall organizer Lori Compas told supporters just before filing the three boxes.

The signatures filed by the group trying to recall Fitzgerald amounted to 123% of the 16,742 valid signatures that would be needed to force a recall election. Fitzgerald had no immediate comment Tuesday, saying his campaign would release one later in the day.

WEAC Reports Over 900,000 Signatures To Recall Governor Scott Walker

This is a day to rejoice.

One huge step has been taken to secure Wisconsin from the grips of the Republican partisans who used political power plays during 2011.

This year the voters of Wisconsin will reclaim their government, and will again put the ideals of Wisconsin ahead of GOP gamesmanship.


President Obama To Accept Party Nomination At 74,000 Seat Stadium

Can you image the level of interest there will be for Mit Romney when he accepts the Republican nomination?  YAWN!

The Tea Party will not be able to clap at the convention speech as they will need to be clutching their barf bags.  Meanwhile the well-heeled never really clap but instead just weakly smile and more or less touch their hands together. (Or do they pay others to clap for them?)  So can you image how silly it would be to advertise Romney giving his acceptance speech from a  stadium!

Such is the dilemma for the Republican Party.

Meanwhile the Democrats know they can fill a 74,000 seat  stadium with enthusiastic voters when President Obama accepts his party’s nomination.

On the final night of this fall’s Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech at Bank of America stadium, party sources told the Observer on Monday night.

Convention officials are expected to announce the venue this morning at a news conference at the stadium. Two party sources say the decision to use the stadium was made months ago.

The president will accept the nomination Sept. 6. So far, organizers have said only that plans call for holding the convention at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The move to the Carolina Panthers’ 74,000-seat stadium would replicate the 2008 convention, where Obama accepted the nomination at a packed Invesco Field in Denver.

The move, which would open the speech to the public, is designed to help mobilize voters in North Carolina, a key swing state. It could also serve as a perk to donors, who could be rewarded with skybox seats.

Ron Paul Flies First Class As Congressman, Vows To Fight Government Spending

Let me state up front I have nothing against a member of Congress flying first class.   I really do not.

However when that member of Congress wants to rip and shred government programs, and makes an all-out effort to portray himself as something he is not–then I have a problem with flying first class.

Such is the case with Ron Paul.

Paul flew first class on at least 31 round-trip flights and 12 one-way flights since May 2009 when he was traveling between Washington and his district in Texas, according to a review by The Associated Press of his congressional office expenses. Four other round-trip tickets and two other one-way tickets purchased during the period were eligible for upgrades to first-class after they were bought, but those upgrades would not be documented in the expense records.

Paul, whose distrust of big government is the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, trusts the more expensive government rate for Continental Airlines when buying his tickets. Paul chose not to buy the cheaper economy tickets at a fraction of the price because they aren’t refundable or as flexible for scheduling, his congressional staff said.

“We always get him full refundable tickets since the congressional schedule sometimes changes quickly,” said Jeff Deist, Paul’s chief of staff. Paul might have to pay out of his own pocket for canceled flights in some cases if he didn’t buy refundable tickets, Deist said.

But records show that most of the flights for Paul were purchased well in advance and few schedule changes were necessary. Nearly two-thirds of the 49 tickets were purchased at least two weeks in advance, and 42 percent were bought at least three weeks in advance, the AP’s review found.

When it comes to his congressional travel, Paul has opted not to search for cheaper airfares that could mean returning more of his office account to the treasury, which uses any money returned by House or Senate members to help reduce the federal deficit.

Rick Perry Over His Head When Talking About Turkey

The most shocking moment from the Republican debate on Monday night happened when Rick Perry started to talk about Turkey.  There was clearly a fog that was going over the face of Perry as the question was directed to him.  Since Perry has no substantive foundation to fall back onto he jerked to the right and gave a reactionary comment that was breathtakingly stupid.

In nutshell (nut being the key word) Perry suggested Turkey is ruled by Islamic terrorists and questioned its NATO membership.  All over the world jaws were dropping.  Rick Perry’s campaign staffers had to have been ashen-faced.

“Obviously when you have a country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists, when you start seeing that type of activity against their own citizens, then … not only is it time for us to have a conversation about whether or not they belong to be in NATO but it’s time for the United States, when we look at their foreign aid, to go to zero with it,” Mr. Perry said.

It should be noted that Turkey joined NATO when Perry was only two years old.    Over the past decade Turkey has been comfortably linked with the West in fighting terrorism.  To suggest otherwise is just underscoring the lack of gravitas that Perry has about foreign affairs.  Let us be honest about the matter, and note that Perry excels at nothing on the campaign trail, and has no policy item he is truly capable of addressing.

It was clear Perry was in over his head when the question was put to him.  Had he been more agile of a candidate Perry could have easily deflected it, and commented on some other topic.  That Perry was not able to either constructively answer the question, or nimbly react as a candidate was a national–no make that an international–embarrassment.

Rick Perry will slink off to Texas soon, and give up his futile attempt to get the GOP nomination.  Meanwhile Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan will remain politically popular in his country and preside over a very healthy and robust economy.    Perry might have suggested in his comments on Monday that the US could only hope for the economic growth that Turkey is now experiencing.

But to have been able to make such a statement would mean that Perry knew anything about the question that was asked of him.