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Racist Congressman Doug Lamborn Owes Colorado A Day’s Pay

January 24, 2012

At a time when parents are trying to instill values into children, and underscore the reason sitting down and talking is preferable to swinging fists comes a story about Colorado’s biggest embarrassment.

Congressman Doug Lamborn who referred to President Obama as “a tar baby” last year is now planning to sit out the State of the Union Speech, which takes place tonight.

The racist mind of Doug Lamborn is surely something for his maker to take stock of, and deal with on Judgment Day.  But until then Congressman Lamborn’s butt belongs to the taxpayers who pay his salary and expects him to abide by some common sense along with common acts of civility.

Showing up to the State of the Union address, and acting liking someone with  responsibilities which the voters placed on his shoulders, seems to most Americans a no-brainer.

Doug Lamborn seems never to have had parents who instilled certain values or foundations within him during his youth, and therefore he acts out now in ways that are not consistent with social norms. There are many who disagree with President Obama, and yet they will respect the office of the presidency and sit in the House tonight and act civil.

The actions of this errant Republican can only be remedied in one way. Congressman Doug Lamborn needs to pay back to his constituent’s one day’s salary for the lack of work and duty he shrugged off the night of the SOTU speech.

Then Doug Lamborn should act like a man and call President Obama and apologize.

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  1. January 25, 2012 9:16 PM

    Why does everyone have to read tarbaby as a racial slur? I never understood it that way and do not think of it that way today. It is a bit presumptuous to think it was meant as a racial slur, don’t you think?

    Sheesh, I cannot keep up with all the racial undertones that people keep talking about. Makes me think that many liberals today believe that one drop of African American blood makes one an African American and that description is a pejorative in and of itself that we should never ever refer to. I am appalled at that thinking.

    As far as the congressmen goes, where is your indignation that John Boehner did not publicly call this congressmen out? What about Reince Priebus? Where does he stand on a Republican who does not honor a seated President? Which Republicans have condemned the congressman’s actions, hmm?

    BTW, the congressman should apologize to his district, not to the President. I doubt that the President was insulted by his absence.

  2. windy33 permalink
    January 24, 2012 5:21 PM

    there are no words to describe him but a RACIST PIG

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