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World Community Needs To Address Syria’s Bloodshed, 58 More Killed By Government Forces Today

January 29, 2012

Around 2,000 Syrian troops backed by tanks launched an assault to retake Damascus suburbs from rebels on Sunday, activists said, a day after the Arab League suspended its monitoring mission in Syria because of worsening violence.

That headline news, and the latest reports of 58 more killings as the result of government forces lashing out on their own people is most troubling.  For months the record of  President Bashar al-Assad’s attempt to defy the needs, and in fact demands of his people has been appalling to watch play out.  Many know the full frontal impact the world community could bear on this situation if it chose to, but instead are forced to watch in continued dismay as the bodies continue to be counted in the latest nation experiencing the ‘Arab Spring’.

The growing desire of the Syrian people towards more leverage over their own lives continues to gain momentum.  For the world this should be an  inspiring moment.  At one level it truly is, but the toll of thousands who have died as they struggle seems rather preposterous when we all know there is a remedy to the matter.

Beijing and Moscow are more than thorns in the process for the world’s involvement in Syria.  I understand that. 

But there is also the fact that the dramatic escalation of violence in Syria was to the degree that this weekend the Arab League suspended its observers’ mission in that bloody land.    The world community needs to place pressure on those who not only cause the blood-letting, but also those that stand in the way of stopping the carnage.  That means more world pressure on Beijing and Moscow.

Both China and Russia may desire a Syrian-led political process to lead to a settlement.  But there is an energy and fervor that has been unleashed and aided by social networks and past success in other ‘Arab Springs’ that will not temper the people in the streets of Syria.  They want Assad gone from power, and the great world powers that stand in the way of that happening are only prolonging the inevitable. Prolonging it with many needless deaths.

At some point there will be new rulers in Syria, and they will assess who came to their aid at the time they needed it most.  It would be most beneficial if the United States and the West could be the good guys in the eyes of Syria.

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