Eagle Cam From Norfolk Botanical Garden On Air For 2012

One of Mother Nature’s best shows is back  on the air.

For the past few years Caffeinated Politics has offered readers a widget on the side of this blog to connect with the fashioning of an eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden along with the dramatic events which includes laying of eggs, hatching, feeding and fledging.  All played out in real-time!  It is one powerful show that continues day after day.  The widget goes up in February and remains well into late summer.

Last year the show was extremely sad .  On April 26th the mother eagle was killed.

A plane landing at Norfolk International Airport struck and killed the female eagle from the botanical garden between 8:30 a.m. and 8:50 a.m.

 A US Airways regional jet coming from Philadelphia was preparing to land at 8:50 when the pilot reported the bird strike. 

Later the eaglets were removed from the nest as the male eagle would not have been able to feed and care for the young.   All those eaglets survived and are flying somewhere as you read this.

With that in mind from last year let us prepare for a new story, a better one.

In time this is what we will see peeking up from a mattress size nest…

Be a part of the journey with the Eagle Cam from Norfolk Botanical Garden along with the running commentary and expert information.

Pictured above are the parents from last season.  (The female is on the right, and is always larger than the male.)

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