In Memory: Whitney Houston And Cece Winans “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

4 thoughts on “In Memory: Whitney Houston And Cece Winans “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

  1. Gern Blanston

    mm hmm
    and a guy’s corpse was recently found in the river, he’d been in there since November. He also was an addict, but was not beautiful, rich, famous, nor could he (that anyone knew of) sing. He did not wear glittering evening gowns, and was not part of the Hollywood elite. he was a man with severe mental health issues in addition to his addiction, a man who had served his country in Viet Nam and came back a ravaged mess.
    His personality issues made him act “difficult” and belligerent in Group. But, that only generated annoyance, not publicity and attention from paparazzi and fans. He had no family or friends any more. The police did not persist in their search as long as they would have for say – a cute missing child. His body was found by accident by a passerby after 3+ months in the water.
    We like to talk about the wide wide gap between rich and poor, and act like we are not part of actively supporting that disparity. Then, we all moan and cry over Glittery Beautiful Whitney, and act like she is a victim, though she has every possible support for her issues. And then we all turn our faces away from the garbage that floats down the river.
    Who cares about Whitney. Why support the obscene inequality and call that “compassion”? It’s false, and only serves to assuage any nagging guilt people may have when they realize we are living in a grossly unjust society.
    Poor rich famous and beautiful Whitney.
    Poor grubby old Vet in the river.
    Let’s all pick one to cry over.

  2. Cathy

    The difference in response between poor rich famous and beautiful Whitney and poor grubby of Vet in the river is one word: FAMOUS. Simply more people knew of Whitney. A truly compassionate person would have sympathy for all individuals of tragedy. There is no slight on those mourning Whitney and not the Vet. The slight is on you – you who refuse to show sympathy for Whitney because she was beautiful, rich and famous. Why do we have to pick one to cry over. I’ll mourn them both and them all, because my Father God does not take the death of any of his children lightly and neither should you. I will pray for you because you sound bitter and angry.

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