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Dane County Supervisor Eileen Bruskewitz Just A Partisan Promoter

February 17, 2012

There is a reason Eileen Bruskewitz was never loved by most residents of Dane County.  She was always angling for the partisan take on an issues, and looking for ways to do the work of the Republican Party.  Everyone knew it, and she could hardly deny it.  She was all but bought and paid for by the GOP.  When Bruskewtiz decided not to seek re-election to the Dane County Board of Supervisors this spring there was a sigh of relief.

Most thought that perhaps her announcement not to run was the last we would hear from this conservative.  That was proved wrong after a morning newspaper landed on the stoop today.

The emails show a concerted effort to line up political support for maps  leaders knew would be highly controversial, going so far as to orchestrate  supporting testimony before the potential testifiers had even seen the maps.

In an email dated July 11, 2011, attorney Jim Troupis discussed with  Republican legislative staffers how to prepare for the supporting testimony of  conservative Dane County Sup. Eileen Bruskewitz. In the message, Troupis said  Bruskewitz will testify in favor of the maps if they “call her and provide her  the numbers, district lines, and other information today and then walk her through things.”

Reached by phone Thursday, Bruskewitz, defended the actions by saying she was  trying to make the process less partisan. (Emphasis mine.)

“I don’t think I had seen a copy of (the map), but I knew it would be  favorable to Republicans,” she said.

Even when she has been caught with her actions on full display Bruskewitz still can not just admit she is nothing but a political hack.

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